The Bat Hammock is Olive Green Cordura Nylon -- a single point hammock for hanging from one attachment above you. This is required if you need to sleep hanging on the side of a cliff or to hang under under a single limb of a tree up and away from the bears. The hammock extends 50cm up on both sides of you, and the three straps on both sides are 100cm long meeting at a main reinforced attach loop above. The hammock is 7' long (2.1 meters) and curls up around your feet and head for safety, so that there is no way you can slide out. You can also place a closed cell foam pad in the hammock to insulate you from the cold. The hammock is designed to pack small and light (appx 2.2kg without the fiberglass spreader poles). There are hanging loops inside and outside on both sides of the hammock for clipping in gear, and there are two velcro mesh pockets in the middle which are easily accessible. The Bat Hammock comes with 7 fiberglass spreader poles (4 longitudinal and 3 lateral) that weigh .5kg (1.1lbs). We have installed special loop pockets on the fore and aft spreaders for insertion of the fiberglass spreader bars to create a more open sleeping platform and to make it more comfortable. (Please note: You can wrap a little duct tape on the end tabs of the spreader poles, so that they fit more snugly into the loop pockets). You can use all or some of the fiberglass spreader bars as per your preference. (This hammock can easily be used without foam pad and without the spreader bars, but these features can add comfort if desired. The three webbing straps from each side pass completely under the body and incorporate "X-design" to support the body in the hammock. The hammock has been tested with a weight of 250 lbs and height of 6' 4" (195cm). Also available is an optional Olive Green Ripstop Nylon CONE RAIN FLY .5kg (1.1lbs.) which completely seals the hammock from rain (except a very small slit at the top for the attach loops to slip through). The CONE FLY hangs down below the hammock with a draw string to close it in windy conditions. For sever rain, we suggest you carry a plastic bag to wrap around the top carabineer for added water sealing. We also have available a dark green CONE NET .4kg (.8lbs.) mosquito netting which is designed the same as the Cone Net to completely enclose the hammock with a draw string closure below. Special thanks to Logan Spader from for the Video Field Report.

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High visibility stuff sack containing Bat Hammock and Cone Fly.

External and internal loops and mesh pockets for stowing gear.

1.5" nylon web straps sewn completely under the hammock double stitched.

Inside sleeves for "longitudinal" and "horizontal" spreaders to hold the hammock open.

Velcro opening for optional insertion of foam pad for increased comfort.


Bat Hammock System -- Hammock, Cone Rain Fly, Stuff Sack.It is easy to get into the hammock by sitting at the open end below your feet, and then rolling back and into the the hammock. Then you can easily adjust your position fore and aft to find the best balancing point for sleeping. The hammock comes with "horizontal" and "longitudinal" spreaders to hold the hammock open and create a stable sleeping platform. These are not necessary, and some people may wish not to use them for a lighter Bat Hammock option. We have purposely not put adjustments on the vertical webbing, because this could be a weak point. Instead, you are free to use and ring and carabineer to shorten the vertical webs near your head, to incline your body into more of a sitting position (depending on how much you shorten the 2 vertical webs nearest your head). Materials: The Bat Hammock is made with Nylon 420D and reinforced with 2 layers of ES Polyspun Polyester 450 (yarncount 150x30) coated with Breatex to keep it waterproof but breathable and comfortable. The straps are 1.25" Nylon, and the Cone Rain Fly is Ripstop Nylon.  Color: Dark Olive with black straps (we do not make blue color. Our sample only). Cone Rain Fly is Dark Olive Green. Cone Net is dark color, so it is easy to see out. Dimensions: 7' long x 8' high (including the 1 meter straps) to a single attach loop. (packed: 20cm x 20cm x 10cm). Weight (with spreader poles): appx 2.7kg. (6lbs). / without spreader poles appx 2.2kg. (4.9lbs) / Cone Fly: .5kg. (1.1lbs). / Cone Net: .4kg (.8lbs). Materials: The Bat Hammock is made with Nylon 420D and reinforced with 2 layers of ES Polyspun Polyester 450 (yarncount 150x30) coated with Breatex to keep it waterproof but breathable and comfortable. The straps are 1.25" Nylon, and the Cone Rain Fly is Ripstop Nylon.
Mountain Climbing is extremely dangerous. Use of this hammock for cliff-camping requires training, experience, thorough visual inspection and additional harness and clip-in separate from the hammock for additional safety. We cannot be responsible for equipment failure, so check it very carefully yourself and never trust any one piece of equipment 100%.

Cone Fly on the Bat Hammock -- with draw string closing the fly beneath the hammock.CONE FLY & CONE NET
Bat Hammock without Cone FlyWe have designed a custom waterproof Cone Fly for the Bat Hammock to keep our the rain. The Carabineer loop for the Bat Hammock slides through the top of the Cone Fly with the Cone Fly Loop holding the fly in position above the hammock. The fly extends down 15" (35cm) past the bottom of the Bat Hammock with a draw string at the base of the fly to close the fly beneath the hammock for windy wet conditions. The hole at the top of the hammock is very small, but it may be a good idea to take a small plastic bag to clip the carbineer through, and then to pull over the top of the rain fly, to seal this hole for extreme rain conditions "on the edge." Dimensions: of the Cone Fly are 265cm tall x 330cm base (8' tall x 12' circumference at the base). Weight: Cone Fly: .5kg. (1.1lbs).

We also now have a Cone Net for the Bat Hammock. It is exactly the same idea as the Cone Fly, but it a mosquito net for keeping out the bugs. Dimensions: of the Cone Net are 265cm tall x 330cm base (8' tall x 12' circumference at the base). Weight: .4kg (.8lbs).

We look forward to seeing your photos of your Bat Hammock in action. If you have any questions, please email -- TOM

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Cone Fly attach points for tying the fly up and away when not raining.

Cone Fly has a small hole and loop at the top to slide over the hammock loop.

A lot of people have their own ways of hanging a Bat Hammock. We designed a system for approaching a tree in the forest and then throwing a weighted TREE LINE over a branch. This allows you to then pull the TOP PULLEY of a LIFT LINE up towards the limb of the tree. When your TOP PULLEY is at the desired height so that you will be out of the reach of bears (or whatever), then you can secure the TREE LINE by wrapping it several times around the trunk of the tree and clipping it off with the TREE LINE CLIP. Now you are ready to lay your BAT HAMMOCK out on the ground. There is a TREE LINE SWIVEL between the TREE LINE and the TOP PULLEY, so that the pulley does not become twisted upon itself and bind the lines. The LOWER PULLEY of the LEFT LINE has a Sailing Cleat LINE LOCK on it, so that you can pause as you are pulling yourself up. Never trust this LINE LOCK, and when you get to a desired level off the ground, you can lock it and then tie the line off to the side of the hammock. The LIFT LINE with the 2 triple pulleys gives you a 6x IME mechanical advantage, so if you weigh 150 pounds, then you are only pulling 25 pounds on the LIFT LINE as you pull yourself up. This, or course, requires more line, but the Dacron Sailing Lines we use are the finest quality and give you sufficient scope to lift yourself about 25 feet into the air. If you are using a CONE NET or a CONE FLY with your BAT HAMMOCK, be sure to rig this first, before hauling yourself up. Also, if you expect rain, then you can clip the carabineer through a plastic bag and pull it over the top loop on the CONE FLY to make it really waterproof and avoid any drips coming through. You can insert the FOAM PAD and fiberglass SPREADER POLES before hauling yourself up as well if you wish. For WINDY conditions, we also suggest you run a WIND LINE from your BAT HAMMOCK to the TREE LINE. You can adjust the tension once aloft, and this will keep you from swirling around all night if there is high wind. It is a great system designed with nautical sailing lines and tackle. You are welcome to copy our design and use your own block and tackle, but make sure it is strong enough and safe.

Lift System Design (with 100' Tree Line & 150' Lift Line) give 6 times mechanical advantage for lifting -- Sailing Dacron Line with self-locking cleat on the pulley



Logan Spader from testing Bat Hammock in the trees.

Bat Hammock being tested "out on the edge" by Josh Mucci and his friends.

Bat Hammock being used by Jean Baptiste Poncet in France (Jul 2012)


Logan Spader photo shows how Bat Hammock wraps around your body for safety and comfort aloft.