Long enough - The Bivy Sack is over 7 feet long with round panels at the head and foot. There is plenty of space, so you won't feel constricted. BIVY SACK
The Bivouac Sack can be used instead of a tent for a light backpacking bivouac. It is not intended for use in driving rain, but it can keep your bag dry in a partially covered shelter or in a snow storm or even inside a very wet tent. It is perfect for Down sleeping bags. It will help protect the down bag and keep it away from moisture and condensation inside of a tent or from
the wet ground. For extreme climbing, this shelter can be used on the side of a mountain. The Breatex Ripstop Nylon on the top keeps out the water, but lets your your body breathe through the fabric. The dark mosquito net seals completely the opening to the Bivy Sack to keep mosquitoes out. There are not fiberglass poles to hold open the mouth of the bag. You simply push the netting away from your face to create an air space. It is a simple and easy design. If the rain comes in the night, you can seal the velcro hood to the bag and keep the rain out. You will have to position yourself on a slight slope so that the rain will run off the hood and away from the opening, but this is common sense and easy to do. Please put down a groundsheet if using on ground with thorns or sharp rocks, because these will puncture small holes in the waterproof material. Please use seam-seal on seams to assure 100% waterproof.
Stuff Sack for the Bivy Sack - weight less than 1kg.Dimensions: Bivy Sack is 7' long, 40" wide at shoulders, 26" wide at feet (when laying flat). The Top end panel is 22" diameter, and the Bottom foot end panel is 15" diameter. This bag was designed to be large enough so that you do not feel confined nor claustrophobic sleeping inside. Stuff Sack Dimensions: 26cm long x 10cm wide. Weight: .9kg. Colors: Red or Olive Green with Black Bottom. If any questions, please email --  TOM

Opening of Bivy Sack - showing double zip mosquito netting and velcro closure for rain hood. Dark mosquito netting - easy to see out of and 20" is enough to pull over your head to keep cool and look at the stars.

Large Opening - if there are no mosquitoes, you can put your sleeping bag on the hood of the Bivy Sack and the mosquito netting. Rain Proof - when the rain or snow comes, you can velcro shut the rain hood to try to keep dry.