DIAMOND vs RECTANGULARRick Ashworth's Jungle Hammock in action on Ponderosa Island
The Diamond Rain Sheet is great for the jungle or non-windy environment where the rain falls down vertically. It is maximum coverage per surface area and weight. However, if you are in a windy open environment, then perhaps you may need the Rectangular Rain Sheet.

Why use the rectangular rain sheet rather than the diamond rain sheet?

Our customer Bill Reilly has provided the best explanation why some people prefer the rectangular fly sheet (with 6 attach points - 2 to the tree and 4 to the ground) rather than the diamond fly sheet (with 4 attach points - 2 to the tree and 2 to the ground):

Tom - I think you have more options with the regular shape. I have a Hammock with the diamond fly and it is OK, but I prefer the 8X10 or 10X12 Rain Sheet. Example: I was camping 2 weeks ago in northern California, near the Pacific Ocean. The fog rolled in and the weather turned cold. A cold breeze (more like a wind) was coming in from my right and my face was getting cold while in the hammock. I flipped over the left side of my fly to the right and tied down the 2 halves close to my hammock. The 2 layers of nylon completely blocked the wind and I was able to sleep in comfort. Also, in a bad storm, you can really close yourself in tight with the rectangular shape. In good weather, open it up and have a good sun shade. Lower it for privacy while changing, etc. The 4 tie points don't bother me, as I use aluminum gutter nails as stakes. They are strong, weigh nothing, and are only 35 cents apiece at my local hardware store. I have 6 feet of para-550 cord attached to the 4 tie points. The new nylons weigh next to nothing (my 10X12 is under 1 pound and stuffs to the size of a water bottle). Sorry to ramble on but you asked my opinion. Maybe you could make a 10X10 (or 8X8) that could be used both ways. Let me know what you decide. Bill Reilly

PS - Bill is also the person who recommended that we change our mosquito netting to a dark grey which allows you to see out through the netting much more clearly.