VBL SOCKS (for Extreme Cold)


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VBL Socks -- Vapor Barrier Liner Socks are what you use to keep your feet warm in very cold temperatures. Especially designed of high altitude and alpine weather, VBL socks are worn over your bare feet (or over a thin socks) and inside of a thick wool sock. The way these work is they keep the moisture produced by your foot sweating from going into your wool sock. If you keep the wool sock dry, then the dry wool can insulate against the cold. As soon as the wool gets wet, the moisture transmits the heat out and the cold in - your foot gets cold. Especially in low humidity alpine environments, your foot perspires to maintain the same humidity level on the skin. This immediately goes into the wool sock. When you use a VBL sock, then the moisture level is maintained around your foot, yet your wool socks stay dry. Our secret, is that our thin cordura socks are completely waterproofed on the inside, yet the outside textured cordura grips the wool sock to prevent the VBL sock slipping down inside your boot. (.3lb / .1kg). Size: One size fits all.



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