Mosquito Hammock Customers

Thank you for your interest in Mosquito Hammocks. Following are some helpful criticisms, questions and comments from Mosquito Hammock customers which may be useful for you. Please email if you have any questions - Email Tom

Dave Chinell's Jungle Hammock hanging up somewhere. Eric Ballinger's Mosquito and Expedition Hammocks in Domincan Republic

Logan Spader (USA) -- Hello Tom! I am very curious as to how many Bat Hammocks your company sells on a yearly basis because the fact that I could not find a single review of it anywhere online leads me to believe that you do not sell many. If I am correct, THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE because I LOVE THE HAMMOCK! I have played with the hammock for a total of about 6 hours, most of which were completed while tree climbing. I am blown away by how comfortable this hammock is especially since I have read so many negative reviews about single point hammocks. The spreader bars are key to making the hammock sleep so amazing and I think that you need to advertise this hammock as being a huge upgrade (in terms of comfort) to older style hammocks due to the spreader bars. Seriously, I think it is even more comfortable than my portaledges but I will save that topic for another day! Now lets talk business, haha. I think you need to offer a mosquito net for this hammock. Based on the flawless construction and sewing techniques used on the hammock you sold me I have no doubt that your company could make a simple mosquito net that encloses the hammock just like the rainfly does. A second idea is that you could install windows (with no-see-um coverings) on the rainfly which would allow it to be used as both a weather shield and a bug shield. I hope you are not offended by me giving you ideas for your company. I just know that the Bat Hammock has the highest potential of becoming the most used hammock for tree camping and since tree camping is a growing recreational activity you have the opportunity to gain a customer following before any of the other manufactures even realize that tree camping has become mainstream. I did a quick video review of the Bat Hammock to inform all of my Youtube subscribers of your product. I plan to announce it on ,, and of course my personal tree climbing website so I hope I have sent some business your way. If you want to watch the video please visit the link -- (Jul2015)
Marco Ravachol (French Guyana) -- I’m a french trekker who made a lot of expéditions in the amazonian jungle in french Guiana. I have a lot of expériences with your hammock «jungle hammock» because i bye my first one in 2001 in the inside shop of the campement of Foreign Legion at Kourou… ! And it still in perfect use now in 2014. That why i would like to bye six of them for a next expédition in 2015.(Dec2014)
Sara C. Robinson (USA) -- I purchased your leach socks right before a trek to the Amazon rainforest in Peru (an area near Madre de Dios). Peru has minor numbers of terrestrial leaches, but has an incredible number of biting ants and huge mosquitos. Having done work in Thailand, where leach socks are a necessity, I brought this pair along to see how they did. I research fungi and their interactions on wood, so I am often crawling around on the forest floor, getting all kinds of nasty bites. I think you can safely add to your list of benefits that even thought I encountered Tangarana ants, fire ants, mosquitos the size of footballs, and other fun biting things, I got ZERO bites on areas covered by the socks. I suspect my Peruvian field guides, all of whom had to make at least one dash to a shower to rinse of ants, will be purchasing their own soon. Thanks for making such a great product! (May2013)
Christopher Metzl (USA) -- If I didn’t describe it correctly, and that’s likely, it’s the Warbonnet cinch-buckle system. I’m basically a lazy “hanger” and that’s always been the easiest system for me. I actually recently sold my blackbird 1.7 because of one night in your jungle hammock. I borrowed it from a friend and immediately put it on my “to get” list. Thanks for making such a great product! (Nov2012)
Don & Sarah Barra (USA) -- Hi Tom: Thanks for a great product and FANTASTIC service. And for anyone Stateside even thinking of ordering from this company half way around the world..... don't let the distance stop you. We have received our orders literally within a few days, which is A LOT faster than most orders we place with companies in the Lower 48. Is the Big Rainfly Tarp available in the same color/pattern as the Diamond Fly (even as a special order)? This summer (2012) I ordered a hammock for my wife, and she absolutely loves it. We will be going up to Oregon a couple of times this winter to visit some virgin land we purchased in the heavy snow areas, and would like to pitch both our hammocks under the one, large camo tarp. We are in no hurry right now if it has to be special ordered.....just let us know if it is do-able. Southern California (Nov2012)
Todd in Minnesota (USA) -- Just wanted to drop a note and say that I received my hammock a couple weeks back. I am VERY pleased with it. I am new to hammock camping and did lots of research before purchasing. Almost went with a Hennessy but something told me to go with the Claytor. Glad I did. Took me a bit to learn how to properly hang it, but thanks to some folks at hammockforums, I got it down. Have to say the comfort level is beyond anything I hoped for. Dare I say more comfortable than the $1500.00 mattress the wife bought a few months back. Laying in this hammock can only be describes as "Total Relaxation". You have a great product and I am very glad I bought from you. I WILL be purchasing another one for my son as he absolutely loves it. Might even pick up a no hang next to our bed. Have a big trip in 2 weeks for 2 weeks in the BWCA. Can't wait to try it out there. (2011)
James Lyons (UK) -- Just a quick note to say that I received my Bivi Bag today. It is the 5th I have try to get used to. I must say that it seems to be perfect in design and very well made. I now have you hammock, large awning and the bivi bag. All of them get used all around the world on various trips. All of them have always performed floorlessly and I would recommend your company to any outdoor enthusiast. All the best (Aug2011)
Gordon Pearson (USA) -- I just wanted to let you guys know that these hammocks are awesome! You really should get the links on here to 'like' or 'share' to social media pages. You would definitely see an increase in traffic and sales! (Aug2011)
Gray Collette (Canada) -- Hi Tom, First let me say how much I’m enjoying my mosquito hammock! Purchased in 2009, the transaction and shipping were all flawless and the fact that we’re ½ way around the world from each other was completely transparent to me as a customer. I’m ex-military and a veteran outdoors enthusiast, and have slept in everything from quinzhees to slit-trenches, but until now have been a dedicated ground dweller. After reading many reviews and comparisons between your product and those from other leading manufacturers (some much closer to home) I decided to take the plunge and order a Jungle Hammock. The hammock and diamond fly have performed better than I could have possibly imagined in all manner of weather (including wind & snow), and certainly live up to all the rave reviews. The two-layered bottom is brilliant and the addition of a closed-cell foam pad has made this an all-season solution for me when solo camping. As an avid canoe camper I would often find myself paddling into the sunset with no viable shore in sight suitable for pitching a tent (cliffs or swamp). I’ve spent many restless nights in a bivi bag on a steeply sloped piece of Canadian shield (rock) hoping that’s where I’d wake up in the morning, but the hammock has changed all that and now my only dilemma is choosing from among the endless places that hanging allows you to set-up camp - I’ll never go back to sleeping on the ground. I’ve attached a picture from my most recent trip (this camp was on an island in the middle of a lake). It proceeded to rain and blow like crazy for 3 days and my camping companions who were in a high-end tent (4x the cost) were absolutely soaked despite additional tarps and rain trenches. Meanwhile - there was never a drop of moisture in the hammock, and while they were huddled in the tent trying to keep their gear out of expanding puddles I was enjoying the view and keeping high-and-dry off the mud. * You’ll note I’ve tweaked the suspension system – although the original gear supplied with the hammock was perfectly functional I was curious to try solutions I’d read about on various hammock forums (this particular trip I was using double descender rings linking rope & nylon webbing – it worked very well, was quick to set-up and doubled as a drip-line when it rained). I’ve also supplemented by adding elastic guy-lines to the tarp to enable ‘auto-tensioning’ (i.e. when it rains). What’s prompted me to write at this time is that I’m about to place another order (made the mistake of using my hammock on a family camping trip so now my wife and both kids all want one. (Apr2011)
Tom Fairweather (USA) -- Hi Tom, I just thought you might like to hear how I got on. The hammock arrived in the nick of time the day befor we left. We took 29 15yr old students on a continuing silver International Award weekend for 4 days in Gopeng near Ipoh, Malaysia. The first couple of days the hammock was used only to sleep on a mattress as a mosquito net but it was fine and not too hot as we had fans. On the Saturday we trekked for 5hrs and ascended 3000ft to base camp where we all had to set up camp. The hammock was great and took very little time to erect. (Me and my 4yr old daughter had a dry run a few days before after watching several Ray Mears youtube videos on hammocks and knots). Everybody was interested. The guides all took down the web address but they drew a sharp intake of breath at the price as they were local, but a few of the students and fellow staff members were very impressed and may be ordering one. I slept well that night even though there was a fairly large thunderstorm and I was completely dry all night. I must say I was glad to have brought my thermarest as I was quite cold in the night and only had a cotton sheet to keep me warm. I must remember that next time! One of the main points from the trip was that students had to take a tent between 2 and the staff chose to take a tent each. My pack was significantly lighter and smaller. I had a 40L pack compared to the 70L pack everyone else had which meant I could run away from the leeches a little easier (not entirely leech free though). Anyway thanks again for the speedy and timely arrival of the hammock. I have attached a photo of it up so that you can see I used it. (Mar2011)

Tom Fairweather's Jungle Hammock (olive) in Malaysia

Logan Mckinney (USA) - I've now had my hammock for a few years and actually like it better now than when I bought it. I was a little doubtful that it would hold my weight (350- 400lbs), but it has done great. I would gladly recommend this hammock to anyone. (Nov2010)

Steve Swann Jr. (USA) - Ironically, the hammock arrived the next day. I spent the night in it two nights ago and was amazed that I can comfortably sleep in a hammock. (Sep2010)
Dave and Cheryl Wheur first customers to use Jungle Hammocks camping by horseback. Read their review (complete with beautiful photos). (Jul2010)
SSGT. Chris Medlin USMC (USA) - Tom, As you know I have three of your most AWESOME!! hammocks , I have one in each load out I use so no matter what ruck I grab I have a Jungle Hammock as shelter. Well , in all the years I have used your hammocks I have yet to encounter (hard) rain and often wondered if the diamond shaped fly would be enough coverage , well the other day my question was answered. We were out on a survival instruction when my weather radio alarm sounded followed by some very alarming news , two seconds later our school cell phone sounded and it was Stacie , she said you have a storm coming at you at 62 miles an hour producing straight line winds , knocking down trees and producing cloud to ground strike lightning at 2 strikes per 30 seconds and the rain she reported was almost unheard of unless you are in the middle of a hurricane. We live in NC and to say the least , Panama isn't as humid as some of the swamps around here. My hammock was already soaking wet with surface water from thick humidity , I popped the top of my diamond tarp with my hand to get the water off of it to try to stay dry in the impending storm , in my life I have used ALOT of so called water proof nylon and it all has WET OUT eventually. When wet out occurs your nylon is so water logged that it wont repel water anymore and you are in for a miserable night. When the storm hit , I jumped into my hammock and sat in it like a chair the wind was every bit of 60 miles an hour and the rain was the hardest I can remember in a very long time , the ground flooded after five minutes , the wind popped at the tarp but it stayed true and as wet as the tarp was already not one drop of rain or water came through to the sleeping area, amazing!!! I have had seven hundred dollar tents not hold up to those once again I have to say thank you for the most awesome shelter I have ever had!!!! its safe to say that you can trust your life on your products and they have NEVER let me down. I want to know when you are going to stop letting your customers rip you off ? $150 bucks for all of this quality and attention to detail ? wow!!!! free shipping ? wow!!!! it has to be the best deal in the whole world . All joking aside , thank you Tom , for making us the best product we have ever used all of us out here love and respect you greatly. SEMPER FI !!! (Jul2010)
Emily Richards (USA) - The hammocks are great! Without a doubt, it is the most comfortable, and seemingly durable hammock that I have ever used. I have been telling all of my fellow 'mockers to check out the site and order some hammocks for themselves! I included a photo of our setup from the other night at Villa Creek Camp in Big Sur, CA. (Jun2010)
Yan Haenggli (Switzerland) - Hey Tom, Few words just to let you know that my hammock arrived today, just 8 days after I order it! The quality looks great and I'm impatient to try it! It will be put at use for a few months trip, Switzerland to Cambodia by land, starting next month! Will send u some pictures ;-) Thanks and take care. (Apr2010)
Jeff Parry (USA) - Hi Tom, I just got my Claytor hammock and Diamond fly 2 days ago, and I think its an awesome bit of kit, very comfortable and easy to set up although no velcro in the dual layer. I have not tried putting in a mat yet but I'll bet that a bit will stick out some where. Awesome job, great stitching, great tarp although I'd like to compare it to your 4x3 tarp. I think the diamond tarp may be a bit small in the rain. Time will tell. I've done a video of it and I'll post on the hammock forum soon. Good stuff (Apr2010)
Chris Medlin SSGT, USMC (USA) - Hello Tom, Stacie and I hope you are well , I wanted to drop you a line to tell you a funny but very helpful to new customers story, while you laugh understand the toughness of your hammock bug netting I am more impressed now than I ever have been. I had been out of town for a while so Stacie wanted to do something with me when I got back, she had never slept in one of your hammocks so I invited her to go camping in them . We paddled a canoe down a local river and I set up both of our Claytor hammocks in kind of a V formation so we could be close and overlap the tarps in case of rain. She was a bit hesitant about getting into the hammock so I set about a quick demonstration.....well , I pulled to much fabric underneath me and rolled over backwards into the netting , go ahead and laugh and new customers be amazed !! I weigh 200 pounds all solid muscle and there I was hanging upside down in the mosquito netting ,200 POUNDS!!! and it supported me WITHOUT tearing, well, when Stacie unzipped the zipper I fell out like a big ball of silly puddy onto my head . While a very funny story I think it really speaks of the fine craftsmanship and sewing skills employed by you when attaching the mosquito netting , I really don't think any other would have survived that incident. Although I am a old customer and own three of your hammocks I would like to thank you once again for making such a fine product , its not very often you get the chance to spend a little of your money and get way more than you paid for plus great customer service......I think that's the true definition of the word value. Thank you for always being there when I have needed you. (Mar2010)
Jeff Parry (Australia) - Hello Tom - I love the versatility of your hammocks and the ability to convert to a bivy is a must in Australia, better than the Hennessy version i think. But do your hammocks come with all ropes/webbing to tie to the trees. I cant find out on the web page. I know the fly does but the hammock? And thank you for keeping your prices so low thank you, not every one can afford a hennessy hammock, yours is better anyway lol. (Yes, Jeff - netting comes with ropes too) (Oct2009)
Mark Lindemann (USA) - Received my order today. Awesome product (as usual). OUTSTANDING service!!! Thanks so much again. One point you might make on your site: The stuff sack that came with my Jungle hammock not only holds the hammock, but also easily held the large rain fly and the lines with it, making for one easy-to-grab package. That's the way I pack mine. It holds the diamond fly even easier since there's less mass there. Even room for a couple of carabiners. (Oct2009).
Marc Hoogsteyns (Belgium) - Tom, I used You hammoc so often that it is now in a pretty bad shape: the mosquito net is getting holes but I have to say that I slept nearly 4 monts every night in this thing and that I'm a big heavy guy (95 kg's and 1,91 m tall) . I'm writing a book about my kayak trip and this will be published in February , in dutch, and in July in English + pictures. My website was a big success. I'm working for the WWF now in the mouth of the Congo river and I'min charge of a big mangroves reservation. I'm still using your hammoc at least 3 times a week but I'll have to order more of them for myself and my colleagues. It's the only thing that resists snakes (shitloads of vipers and water cobra's + mamba here) and mosquito's. How much would You charge me for 10 jungle mosquito hammocs + roofing-sheet not in camouflage but in green ? Pls answer me asap because if ok you can send them to the WWF in Belgium and they'll forward them to me in Congo in a safe way......... Greets. PS: Title of my book is 'Heart of Darkness Revisited'
Hammock Setup - An excellent demonstration by a Survival Expert on how to set up a Jungle Hammock (YouTube) (Jul2009).
David Slimming (Australia) - Just to let you know that the hammock etc arrived today - very quick indeed. I was expecting it to come from Argentina so it was a surprise to find the postmark was Thailand - my favorite country after Australia! I've just tried out the hammock and fly on my verandah at home and they are great - very easy to put up and the hammock feels secure and comfortable to stretch out in. I'll be using it on a trip in the Malaysian jungle in a few months and will let you know how it performs. Thanks for the good service. (Aug2009)
Dr. Sam Suykens (Belgium) - Received the hammock 5 days ago. Had my first night in it yesterday! Thanks for SUPER fast handling/shipping. (Aug2009)
Everett Dort (USA) - FYI: Shipped 8/29, Got mine 8/5, 7 days later, Outstanding!!! Absolutely Love It! High quality components and so versatile. Knot instructions online very helpful... Got home tonight after a long hard day and in minutes I was rocking the day away (In w/o bug netting mode). Mind and body totally relaxed and rejuvenated. Took it down in minutes also... Takes up very little space so I will keep it in the car so I have it when I need it. Looking into getting a winter under-quilt but need to research that more. Neo says the surplus pads (Glued together) and a good down bag takes him down to 10 deg! Not my cup of tea but good to know it can be achieved. In the con department, The biggest criticism is my wide shoulders vs the hammock width. Not a roomy type of hammock so diagonal position a little less leaway than say a Speer but it is wider and not as rugged. Put a surplus, 24" closed cell pad between bottom layers, helped maintain the width better. Will be sewing on a few velcro retainers to make the inner compartment less loose. Pad seems to stay where you put it the way it is though. In summary, good buy, small space requirement and it will always have a place in my survival camping equipment... Also I am so excited about the sport, I hope to introduce people in my area to hammock camping by offering two of my four Claytors for rental in Central Oh. Will let you know how it goes. Even though it's late in the season, maybe the limited customers will allow the system to go through what works and what doesn't at a more leisurely pace. Can't wait to get started... Hope I will be ordering more from you soon. Thanks so much... (Aug2009)
Mike Ross (USA) - Thanks for the fast shipping. I thought I would let you know how impressed I am with your product. I was one of the few on our trip to the mountains in New York that stayed dry through heavy thunderstorms ! After a week I'm happy to say I slept well ,stayed dry and wasn't bothered by bugs. (Aug09)
Nate Friedl - Hey Tom, I purchased the Jungle Hammock about a year ago. I have tent camped, used a bivy and sometimes just a mat. I have two steel rods in my back from a car accident about four years ago and ground camping in remote areas leaves me tired in the morning with an aching back. Your hammock has changed all of that. I now can sleep very well over rough ground or anywhere and have no problems in the morning. Just the other night I was out in very strong thunderstorms and heavy rain-I was totally and completely dry the whole night. This product is very well made. The sleeve for a sleeping pad is a great design idea, it works to help provide insulation and keeps the bugs from biting through at night. I now am able to enjoy the outdoors again in total comfort. All I can say to anyone reading this is buy this hammock. It will be the best money you have ever spent on outdoor gear period. (Jun09)
Fergus - Hi Tom, Love the design of your Bat Hammock. Just have 2 questions if you don’t mind. Is there a particular way you could elevate yourself to get to a certain height after you enter the hammock. I like to be above the height of all animals. Also is there any option for an insect net maybe lying inside the conefly sheet so you could use 1 or both. Thanks. (Jun09)
Bob Bennett (USA) - Just a note to let you know that I have ordered and paid for one of the Jungle Hammocks w/Diamond Rain Fly. I was on a field training exercise this weekend and one of the guys had your Hammock. I think he's the only one that got a real night's sleep. Look forward to the arrival of MY Mosquito Hammock. (Jun09) Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Marc Hoogsteyns - Hello, 4 months ago I ordered 2 jungle mosquito hammocks. I have to say that these things really helped me a lot in the deep jungle of the DRC-Congo. I slept two months in Your hammocks while I was crossing the Congo with my kayak. The area I traveled trough was very hostile and hot with lots of all kinds of animals and insects and I managed to keep them out of the hammock most of the time. However there is one animal Your hammocks cannot keep out: the so called 'marengiuns', very small and tiny little flies that can creep through the mazes of Your mosquito net. They bite like hell and if they attack they attack massively. We only encountered them in two places: the area near Dekese in northern Kasai and the area near Boma, in the Luki reservation. Thanks to you I could survive most of the mamba's and horn vipers that were crawling trough the jungle at night, deadly red and black ants and in one occasion also a big boa that passed under my hammock. If You don't believe me please check my website I'm willing to send you pictures for publicity purposes for free.... Thanks again. (Jun09)
Jay Wilson - My brother and I bought a couple of hammocks from you about 2 months ago to use on our trip this spring in the Daniel Boone National Forest. These are the first hammocks we have ever used and were met with a couple of challenges. One was the cold air passing underneath, which we prepared for, and the other was water running down the straps and into the hammocks when it rained. It rained 9 out of the first 14 days on the trail. We got off the trail and had someone bring our tents to us, because we were tired of sleeping in our rain gear, and our sleeping bags stayed soaked. The hammocks are great quality, easy to set up and take down, and we slept great when it didn't rain. Surely you have met this problem before and we were hoping you could help us with our dilemma. We are 80 miles short of completing the trail and hope to finish in the fall, and would like to use the hammocks. Thank you Tom for any advice you can offer. (Jun09)
Mike (USA) - Tom, I just wanted to take the time to send you a good thank you for that hammock. That thing is great. To be honest I don't usually take random buys like that on the net from random countries and I got a little worried when after 12 days I still did not get it. Just sitting back and realizing that the product was coming from the other side of the world and I was like ehh relax. Well long story short I am happy with my purchase and glade I took a internet leap. Good luck with your company and I will for sure be sending the positive word around my area about you and your products. Take Care. (Apr09)
Shaun Smith (Australia) - Just got my jungle hammocks, look great, can't believe it I only ordered them on Wednesday night and it's Tuesday morning, I'm in suburban Queensland and you service is quicker than ordering something from Melbourne! :) will try them soon and send feed back, thank you. (Feb09)
Johannes Tavenier (USA) - Mr.Claytor, It has been a while but Im finally placing my order and look forward to enjoying my Jungle Hammock and Fly. Thank you for making a product that you stand behind. I have checked around and found that no matter what the problem (if any) you are always there to answer and help. I feel confident in you and your product. (Jan09)
SSGT Chris Medlin & Stacie (USA) - I already have a great photo idea, the camo jungle hammock and the olive hammock hanging head to head , you could show them both on the web site, We really appreciate the fine work you do, I first bought one of yours in camo and then tried a Clark.....shewwww!!!! I ran screaming back to yours....the funny thing is I gave my best friend the Claytor when I got the Clark.....I traded him a almost $400 hammock for yours back ...I will never ever buy another hammock from another..ever!! (Jan09)
Dave Halls (New Zealand) - Most impressed with service and product. 8 days from posting to delivery in New Zealand and it managed to be the airport issues at dispatch. Look forward to trying it over the summer. Thanks for an excellent product. (Dec08)
NEO IN ACTION (USA) - We have our first YouTube documentary by Neo setting up his Jungle Hammock in the field.
Bryan Wright (USA) - Tom, I love the Jungle hammock and have been recommending it like crazy.   You have a strong fanbase on, they pointed me to your hammocks and I've been thrilled. I'm writing you because there is some concern about changes that were made to the hammock. The one I have has three sides of the sleeve seen leaving one side open. This has been a very popular feature. It seems some have been sewn on all sides leaving no pad pocket, and the newest ones with a small zipper in one end perpendicular to the entrance. That makes it difficult to get the pad in and may cause the zipper to fail. We'd like to know that there is a reason for the change and what design is currently being produced. It seems like the original design like I don't see any problems with my hammock so it is troubling to see changes that at far as we can see are not fixing anything and reduce, in some peoples opinion the quality of a great product. Thanks for such a great hammock and also for the wonderful customer service you provide. You are very well spoken of on hammockforums --
IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT HAMMOCK -- You're pretty close to having the perfect hammock, although I have modified my suspension to incorporate ring buckles and carabiners, and I did away with the strings that hold the net up in favor of some clips and prusik loops that are attached to a ridgeline I added under the tarp. I can set up in less and 1 minute!! and I only have 2 lines runningro each tree rather than 3.  So maybe I have the perfect hammock :) 
Here are a few pictures of my setup.  Sorry for the poor quality of the picture taken at night, I couldn't find a photo of the ring buckles, so I went out and snapped one. I already had the hammock up :)  A few things about the ridgeline modification: It's attached to the tarp with prusik hitches so the entire tarp can be moved up and down the line. Also, as you can see, that allows me to keep slack under the tarp to reduce wear to the tarp and distance between the net and tarp. I'm using some cheap carabineers to hold the net up because I had them handy, but I was looking to use smaller plastic hooks like glove hooks or something. I can still use spreader sticks, but I usually opt not to. Just preference, I don't feel cramped without them.   If one wanted to utilize the netting without the tarp, it may be an idea to add a quick releasing clip or hook between the tarp end and it's prusik knot.  *Not pictured are the drip strings I added just under the tarp ends, because running a ridgeline under a tarp runs rain under a tarp. If the prusiks were right up against the loops of the tarp the drip strings may not be needed, but I'm not sure, better safe than soaked. The ring buckle/cinch buckle suspension is very, very popular with the more knowledgeable hammock users on the forum.  I'm using some 3/4? inch webbing that's run though the channel at the end of the hammock which is attached to two rings. The stock straps are weaved through the rings and a loop is tied (or sewn) into the far end of the strap with a carabiner in it.   To set up I only need to throw the strap around a tree, clip it to itself with the carabineer, and tighten by pulling on the other end of the strap that is pinched between the rings.  Not only is it super fast, it adds a drip point to stop water from getting to the hammock body via the support lines. One complaint I have often heard is that people think the stock straps soak up water more than they should and it could get the hammock ends wet. I don't have any experience with this, but I never had rain while I was using the recommended method.  Another bonus of the ring buckles vs the recommended way is that it  almost doubles the reach of each line, because you're not running the strap back to itself (making a loop with the bowline and two half hitches). I'm very interested to hear your thoughts.  Any questions, criticism, or ideas are very welcome.  Thank you,  Bryan (Aug08)

Bryan's use of a RIDGELINE and PRUSIK knots with CARABINEERS - click to enlarge

Professor Herbert H. Covert (USA) - I love your leech socks and hammocks. In the first of the attached photos you see me sporting the socks -- I am in the Khau Ca forest in Ha Giang Province of northern most Vietnam. Here we are working on a behavioral ecology and conservation project on the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey, one of the 25 most critically endangered primates in the world. The second picture is of my hammock in Nui Chua National Park in southcentral Vietnam (about 50 miles south of Nha Trang on the coast). Here we are working on a similar study of the black-shanked douc -- another endangered primate species. The leech socks have seen action in five field seasons and are almost worn out. The hammock has seen action in two field seasons and has plenty of miles left on it. I am ordering two additional pairs of socks and another hammock -- I gave my extra gear to Vietnamese colleagues last year and now that my wife will join me in the field this September it's time to restock. I've made 21 trips in the past 11 years. Initially I was conducting paleontological research but transition to conservation and ecology in 2003. I just received notification of a Fulbright Scholar Research Award for my upcoming sabbatical year and will split time between Ha Giang Province in the north and Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan in the south. Hosting my stay will be the Center for Biodiversity and Development of the Institute of Tropical Biology in HCM City. Department of Anthropology, University of Colorado (Jul08)
Tom Mogg (USA) -- Tom, I thought you may be able to use this photo for a spot on either: How strong your hammocks really are, or how not to properly use one of your Hammocks. Ingredients: 1 – 200lb 6’ tall ex marine (todd wolff). 2 – insert one fifth of cheap vodka. 3 – stir well and let marinade for 2 hours. 4 – when marinade has penetrated all surfaces, place in hammock for sleeping till next morning. Yes, there is a large dumb animal sleeping upside down in your hammock, all night long. (Neither the animal or the hammock were harmed in any way during this camp trip.) THOMAS L. MOGG, ENGINEERING SUPERVISOR, NX3, IDEAS, TEAM CENTER, TK HOLDINGS, 2500 TAKATA DRIVE, AUBURN HILLS, MI. USA (Dec07)
Shawn Dukes (USA) -- Tom I am very interested in your jungle hammock with tarp, but my only means to pay is with paypal. I have 3 HH hammocks, and had a chance last weekend to test your jungle hammock, that my friend brought along and fell in love with it... I even tried to trade him a brand new HH, and he would not go for it... (Dec07)
Simon (UK) - Hi Tom, I came across your website while researching the various hammocks on the market. I liked what I saw and did some further research into them on the various Hammock camping forums that exist on the net. However, I'm still not sure about which solution is best for me. First a few details about me, the terrain and possible uses. 1. I'm about 6'1" to 6'2"tall (taller in the morning and shorter in the evening!). 2. Currently about 200 pounds and not likely to get any lighter until I start hiking longer distances. I'm planning to live outdoors for up to a month at a time, both long distance trails for fun and also much shorter treks where I may trek in to an area stay for a few days and trek out again. In this second scenario I'm taking my camera gear to do some landscape work. The terrain is therefore going to be varied - low lying moors and woodlands, fairly barren hills right up to exposed corries. There is no one solution that I can see will really work here, in fact the closest is probably something like the Hillberg Akto tent, but I'm trying to get off the ground where possible! So what I was thinking of a solution was a hammock combined with a tarp and a bivvy bag. The hammock needs bug netting as much of my hiking will be in Scotland and I'm more than familiar with the dreaded midges there ... the only thing that keeps them away is when it is raining heavily, so I obviously also need a tarp! Now that is fine for areas where I can pitch a hammock, but where this is not possible, I need to pitch up on the ground. So ideally the hammock would be capable of being pitched to provide bug net protection, while the tarp is pitched to give rain protection - I'll have walking poles so these will provide the uprights. Last but not least, in more exposed areas the bivvy bag will come out (here I expect the midges to not be a problem) and the tarp will be used in low profile to give extra shelter. So with that in mind I have a few questions to ask:
1. I see than the Jungle hammock can be used on ground -can the Expedition hammock be used in the same way?
2. I'd be using the bivvy bag when the hammock is set up on the ground to keep my sleeping bag dry from ground water, but how does the hammock sit when used like this? Can it be kept dry or is a ground tarp needed?
3. I've noticed some comments from people saying that they find the Jungle more comfortable than the Expedition, but I'm not sure whether this is personal preference, individual biomechanics or something else? Can you sleep diagonally in both the Jungle and Expedition hammocks?
4. As the tarp would be used without the hammock in certain scenarios I would need an ordinary rectangular tarp. Can rain fly supplied with the Jungle hammock be exchanged for the larger fly? Does it have compatible attachment points for the netting?
5. How do you stop rain from running down the lines to the netting if these lines are attached to the supports rather than the underside of the tarp?
6. I was going to get a British Army bivy bag, but these don't have bug netting and so I would need to use the Hammock on the ground. I could avoid using the hammock on the ground if I used your bivy, however, I'd like to know what dimensions your bivy bag is - I can see that it is 7' long, but how wide is it at the foot middle and shoulders?
Sorry if that is a lot of questions, but I have been trawling various forums for the answers and while I've come across positive reports I haven't found the answers to my specific question. Many thanks. (Oct2007)
Rick Ashworth (USA) - Hi Tom, how are you doing, I have a question about your no net hammock, is it a single bottom hammock or a double bottom hammock like the rest of your excellent hammocks. Below i have included a link to my gallery on hammock forums, I recently had another hammock campout for my friends on hammock forums, here is a suggestion for the jungle hammock my personal favorite that I have made famous every were I go, could you make a jungle hammock that is a foot wider and call it your extra wide jungle hammock for larger people that need more shoulder room. I love my Claytor jungle hammock and I would not trade it for any other hammock if someone tried to pay me, as always keep up the great work of making the best hammocks that money can buy. Thanks. (Nov2007)
Woodland Edge (UK) - Hi Tom, 5 Jungle Hammocks arrived safely today, Superb service !! Looks like 2 are sold already from this it wont be long before I will email to discuss the next order. Hope to add the Jungle Hammocks to the website in the next couple of days, although ideally I need to take some new photographs to compliment the page. With your permission, would it be possible please, if I used a few from your website until I get fully sorted ?? All the best and take care...... Many thanks, Derek (Nov2007)
Barrie Kirkland (UK) - I want a pair of leech socks, I have hade 2 pair before. Will you please send me one pair yellow if possible, if not, the olive are fine. I have paid with paypal. Your socks are the best you can get. Thanks and Thanks again. (Oct2007)
Corey Haun - Tom, The hammocks have been used extensively since they arrived. I happen to have quite a few good sized trees in my backyard. I really like how wide and comfortable they are. I have spent many hours just napping in the backyard and a few nights out there. I really like the fact that I don't have to worry about the mosquitos. (We have had cases of West Nile virus in the area). My son has spent a few fairly cold nights up near 11,000 feet in his and was quite happy with it. The cover works great. We have had some very hard rains and the hammocks remains dry. Sadly, I am going to take them down this weekend in preparation for winter. (We have already seen some snowfall here!) Thanks for the quality product and service to back it up...a rare find anymore. (Oct2007)
Alan Pay (UK) - Have ordered a jungle hammock and fly and have paid via paypal. I brought 1 from you earlier in the year and was very impressed and so were my friends and now 1 of them has asked me to get 1 for him. Please could you give me an expected delivery date asap. Many thanks.
Keijo Rantala - Hi Tom, I received my hammock this morning (10 days) and it appears to be exactly what you advertised it to be and what I was expecting. Thanks to the folks in Thailand and thanks for what was done re: shipping. I am sure that my hammocking nights will be much better now.
Derek Wooldridge (UK) - Many thanks Tom. We are a growing Bushcraft company, making Woodland Edge Bushcraft knives and Fireboxes. Really looking forward to putting these to good use, and I reckon as soon as the rest off the guys see them there will be a few more sales for you !! Thanks again and I hope to forward some good photos and feedback for you - (Aug2007)
Johannes Tavenier - Mr. Claytor, I am a hiker and have been looking into Hammock Camping. At first I looked at the Clark and Hennessy systems and thought there has got to be a better setup! Well I found your site to day. I read the White Blaze forum and from there I found Hammock forum, then to you. Your site answered all my questions and I will be ordering a Jungle hammock as soon as I can. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Alex George (USA) - The Jungle Hammock came in Monday. I would have emailed then but my computer was down. It is a fine looking hammock and looks to be well made. Thank you. (Aug2007)
Tom Peatman (UK) - Dear Tom, I have ordered another Jungle Hammock, to go with the 5 previously bought, for an impending trip to south east Asia. Will probably have a few photos of them in action when we return if you're interested in one for your website. I have sent payment through paypal, let me know if there any problems. Many thanks. (Aug2007)
Petra Bartelds (Netherlands) - We already received the hammocks en the rainflys. We got the rainflys 30/7 and the hammocks 31/7, so that’s very quick. They look very good and we will soon try them. Thank you for the quick service. (Aug2007)
Mike Austin (USA) - I recently took a pair of your socks on a Tropical Birding birdwatching tour to Borneo. Another participant had also purchased a pair of your socks prior to the trip. They caused quite a stir! Everyone was jealous because of their high quality compared to the inexpensive ones for sale in Sabah. My guide has now contacted me for your company's name so he can refer all his prospective participants to you. His name is Sam Woods ( Just thought you'd be pleased to know how well your product was received. (Friendswood, TX-Aug2007)
Bram Van Den Broeck (Belgium) - I received my hammock well and very fast! Thanks a lot. I'll test it soon. (Jul2007)
Ken Meek (USA) - Hello Tom, I've spent a few nights, even in pouring rain, in my new jungle hammock and am very happy with it. It's nice to stay dry with no more rocks and sticks to poke me at night! I never quite believed the old cowboy tale that rattlesnakes will not crawl over a rope placed around your sleeping bag - the rope scratches their bellies. Now, off the ground, I don't have to worry about snakes. The heavy duty netting keeps mosquitoes and other biting insects away. I bought the jungle hammock mainly for motorcycle camping and kayaking. The hammock and rain fly easily fit inside the small bag provided. At only 3 pounds, elimination of the weight and bulk of a small tent and sleeping pad is greatly appreciated. I sleep on my side, and this was a concern before purchasing the hammock. Sleeping on your side is no problem in the jungle hammock. Thank you for an excellent product! Here are a few hammock & bike pics. You're welcome to use them in your web site with my comment letter, if you like. Luckily, we don't have tree snakes around here like I suppose you do in Thailand. I've never had a rattlesnake (the actual snake that is) cuddle up to me at night with or without the rope. Anyway, everyone likes a good snake story! Adventure Touring (touring with an on/off road bike) is growing in popularity. Your products would fit well in that nitch, as well as general motorcycle camping. The photos include an old Harley for those who wouldn't want anything else. (Jul2007)
Elijah Stewart (Australia) - G'day Tom, I ordered your hammock some time ago and suggested my friends get one. I'm 6'5" and get the best nights sleep in them; I have always remained dry and snug. The light weight is also invaluable on my backpacking treks. My friends weren't completely convinced until the first time I went camping with them using the Jungle Hammock. We were camped a small way back from a beach with my friends in their tent on open ground and myself hanging from the trees. They woke up stiff and uncomfortable to a condensation ridden tent covered in morning dew. They soon discovered me sleeping like a baby and totally dry in my hammock and proceeded to swing my hammock back and forth and disturb my sleep as much as they could. A bad case of sour grapes. It was after this incident they all vowed to get one. They'll all be testing theirs out this coming week in Wollemi National Park, Australia. I can't wait to get out there again! Thanks for the superior product at a bargain price. (Jul2007)
Tom Peatman (UK) - We received your jungle hammocks earlier than expected, a nice surprise! Also the hammock fabric appears to be upgraded/updated, another nice surprise. Your mosquito hammock is the first hammock I have owned, and I wont be needing to try any others. The only problems I have encountered are caused by my inexperience in putting them up! Fortunately your website has a very helpful section on the knots to use etc. which has saved me a lot of time. Once I have mastered the art of drip knots I think I'll be able to sleep comfortably in any weather, which shouldn't take too long given the incentive for improvement a wet night gives. Unfortunately I have punctured the bottom fabric of the hammock, it looks like it was probably an ember from a fire. There are two holes of less than 2 mm diameter, about 3 cm apart, just next to the Mosquito Hammock name tag. I'm just wondering if you have any advice on the best way to fix it. I was thinking of sticking a suitable fabric onto the inside of the hammock with some tape, though there is probably a better way of fixing the problem. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. (Jul2007) -- Hi Tom, to patch a hole like that, you can use duct tape (on both sides) or you can sew a fabric patch on. Good luck, TOM
Jeff Fissel (USA) - Tom, Just wanted to thank you for getting the two Jungle Hammocks to me when you did.  I have since used them on two trips and they have been great.  You make a great product and they spark a lot of interest on the trail.  Thanks again. (Jul2007)
Afghanistan - Jungle Hammock is currently serving in Afghanistan. Location is classified.
Rick Ashworth (USA) - Hi tom, a few months back you asked me about how well your tarp held up in heavy rains and I said I did not have your tarps because I received your jungle hammocks without tarps. and I used a camo tarp from the sportsman's guide. now i have a new claytor jungle hammock with your tarp. if anyone has a problem with your tarp in heavy pain I recommend this product you can buy it at walmart, kmart or any sporting goods store. its called kiwi camp dry usually 5 to 6 dollars a can, I sprayed your tarp heavily then wiped the excess off, two hours later i experienced a very heavy rain fall, the tarp performed its duty with no problem. a friend of mine reports he has always been bone dry in his jungle hammock and jungle rain fly and has never treated his tarp at all. I like the mesh inner pocket in my jungle hammock, now I have a place to place my glasses. I also noticed an improved bugg netting. I am very very happy with my new jungle hammock and tarp, my older jungle hammock will get used by friends that I take on my adventures. thanks again tom
Jane Hobson (Sierra Leone) - Thanks for the email and for the hammocks which all arrived  - I have used mine already and am very happy with it. It works well in the forest of Sierra Leone! I've also recommended the website to some friends. (May2007)
Ritz Henson Huntsville (USA) - Tom, I just have to tell you three things...#1, I got the hammock, way faster than I expected. #2, I have never set up one of your hammocks before, nor any other hammock, yet it was so intuitive it nearly set itself up! #3, I have a sneaky feeling that as soon as my wife tries this thing out, I'll be ordering another. Great Product! Ritz Henson Huntsville, Alabama. WWW.ARTISANTILE.US (May2007)
Ian Lerner (Canada) - BEFORE: Hello Tom, forgive me for my lack of hammock knowledge. Your hammock will be my first hammock purchase ever so there are a few things that I need to know. First off, I live in BC Canada and in the summer months we get bad noseeums which are tiny tiny black flies that inflict a very irritating bite like that of a mosquito except that these bites stay with you for a long time. Two weeks after being bitten you can scratch the same area of skin and it will swell up again and be just as aggravating as when first bitten. Is the screen fine enough to keep out noseeums? Secondly, I have been looking at Hennesy hammocks as well. How does your jungle hammock compare to Hennesy's top of the line hammock? Quality etc. Only difference that I am aware of is that you use zippers for the screen and Hennesy uses Velcro. I am not a fan of Velcro. AFTER: I tried out the hammock system last night. Much to my surprise, I fell asleep very quickly and that is weird cuz I don't normally fall asleep on my back. But this hammock is easy to sleep on your side in it as well cuz if you lie kinda corner to corner in it you can get almost flat.....kinda like the sag in an old due to be replaced mattress. I slept soundly until I heard this rush of water hitting the top of the inside of the hammock......this is really weird I thought but I did not have time enough to figure out what was going on until I heard the unmistakable hiss of our automatic sprinklers coming! The worst part was that the closest sprinkler head was on the ground not three feet off of my left side, which incidentally was the side I had set up to be the exit side of the seeing what's going on here? LOL. So the initial rush of water was the sprinkler spray bouncing off the cherry tree trunk and spraying up underneath the fly that keeps the rain water out and it is now coming full blast as the sprinkler head is rotating toward the side of the hammock full on........ok, I am almost awake now and have figured out what is going on...........keep in mind this is going on while I am in the middle of a dead sleep and whush. Ok, so now I know what is happening and the sprinkler head is rotating toward and at the hammock. Water is coming in everywhere......just a blasting into the hammock........I can't see for water.......It is FREEKING FREEZING COLD water blasting into the hammock and I am trying to find the zipper to the bug screen so I can get the hell outta the hammock and away from the jet stream of water blasting away at me. So there I was .......water blasting into the hammock and at least a full five seconds have elapsed while I am fumbling for the zipper. I finally find it and get it open and try to get out and realize I am still zipped into my mummy bag sleeping bag.......arrrrg! Now remember that I am on the verge of drowning at this point LOL.......finally get the sleeping bag undone and I get out of the hammock and the sprinkler is hitting me full force in the chest. I managed to reach down with my hand to cover the head while it rotated through its arc enough so that when I let go of it that it was no longer hitting the hammock or myself.  I pulled my sleeping bag and gear out of the hammock and hung them up to dry and went into the house to find a towel to dry off with. I ended up just crawling into bed with the wife and left the turmoil outside to be sorted out in the morning. Talk about your wild time in the old town last night! Ha ha I had a look this morning  at the inside of the hammock and there had to be at least a full inch of water on the inside of the hammock AFTER I took my foamy out and it is like a big sponge. Ah man, the shit we go through just to have a little fun hey! LOL  Worst part of it all was the wife told me about the sprinklers before I went out to bed and I forgot to turn them off.........."I TOLD YOU SO! hahahahahahaha oh man, waaaaaaaaay too funny! Well that is one of the best ones I have pulled off in a long time hehehe! There ya have it. If we can't laugh at ourselves who can we laugh at? Hope that put a smile on your face Tom, it might even be worthy of being posted on your website seeing as how I found a new use for your hammock.........transporting water in, they hold quite a lot! hehehe, feel free to do so if the urge strikes ya. You have my permission. (May2007)

Tom Mogg (USA) - I would really love to tell you about an exotic area some where in the world, where I was helping out with world hunger and the hammock saved the nights for me..  but in the end. I had a friend with a keg of beer and a pile of wood to burn, so camping we went. Hammock is the best thing for camp gear I have ever bought. It survived temps in the low teens and 4 inches of fresh snow its first time out. Toasty and comfy inside all night long. (I did use a G.I. foam pad in the bottom and a military 3pc sleeping bag) great product, recommending it to all my camping friends!!!!!!!!!  (location: Northern lower Michigan – mid April 2007)

Pete Heath (Sierra Leone) - I received the Jungle Hammock and after using it for a couple of months, have been very impressed.  Hennessey Hammocks are excellent but yours feels better made, is cheaper and more robust.  Its simplicity, far more practical side zip and the ability to use it on the ground make it a winner.  I also find that the double layer of fabric prevents insects biting through the bottom of the hammock.  Half a Squash ball, with a slit cut in it and threaded on to the main ropes close to the hammock prevents rain running down them.  The rain fly could benefit from having loops on its underside, away from its edge to prevent water travelling down the mosi net cords (but a knot is working ok so far).  The Jungle Hammock only just fits under the British Army Issue Basha corner to corner so is best left with the very good, light weight, rain fly that comes with it.  The shorter Expedition Hammock would probably be better (for soldiers), with plenty of overhang at each end but the JH’s big size makes it very comfortable. Thanks again for the great product. I am British Army working as a military advisor in Sierra Leone and will suggest to my organization that they buy your hammocks in the future (we currently get issued Hennessey ones). Also if you have any kit you want someone to trial and review, let me know as there are plenty of us who would be interested and the rainy season is just starting!  I have ordered some folding spreader bars that fit on the ends of hammocks to make them wider and flatter which I intend to try with the hammock – I will let you know how I get on.(Apr2007)

Ashley Pont (UK) - Hello, Have you received my payment for an Expedition Hammock? I have seen one and they are great Hammocks by the way! (Apr2007)

JR Pelletier (USA) - Hi Tom, I have looked a lot more at your site and I really like the information on it. The pictures are very well taken and the way you explain things is clear and honest. I would like to promote your brand and keep the same flavor as on your website. We have established good relationship with people from around the world because we need hammocks that rings true to the customer. Our Mayan hammocks are made in Nicaragua and the lady that makes them for us is so nice. I do not know how many hammocks you sell, but I think given the right margins and liberty on promotion that we could be successful with your hammocks and price points. (Apr2007)

Jane Hobson (Sierra Leone) - Hi Tom, many thanks - actually I've already slept in one! - a friend Mags bought one from you a few weeks ago. We used them on a trek up Mount Bintumani in the NE of Sierra Leone and they were great! So now everyone wants their own! Looking forward to receiving them. (Apr2007)
John Smith (USA) - Tom, I recently bought your Expedition model hammock and noted that I was looking forward to comparing it to my Hennesy. Just to let you know, the Hennesy is now for sale. Is it possible to purchase the Jungle  model without the fly? If so, how much would it be?  Again, you have a great product. (Apr2007)
Joel Corrigan (Skytek) - Hi Tom. Hopefully you'll remember me: I'm the Brit who went out on a big caving/cave diving expedition to Papua New Guinea for two and a half months. Before I went I bought an exped hammock and the large fly. I also had a Hennessey as my ex-girlfriend was due to join the trip. As we don't talk to each other anymore I had my choice of hammocks so became pretty familiar with the pros and cons of both! We found ten kms of new cave, and now have the second deepest system in PNG (520m deep). Well, the good news is that I prefer your hammock. I found it to be very, very convenient to get in and out of which is very important when you're drinking rainwater (i.e, no minerals and therefore needing to urinate often), when you've got the runs (again, a regular event when you're on anti-malarials, anti-biotics, etc), and when you've got a thermarest or mat underneath you. The Hennessey hammock, although it is possibly more comfortable (for me), is a right twat to get in and out of if you're using a mat. Assume the velcro thing is cheap and a bit of a gimmick as I don't think you can beat the side access zip. So, like the hammock. However, there's one issue that I struggled with. After a few minutes of very heavy rain (and the Nakanai mountains have about 12m of rain a year so it's a wet place) the hammock gets wet. It runs down the tape and tracks its way down to the lowest point of the hammock. This became a big hassle and the only thing that I managed to do was to wrap a towel around the tapes which soaked up a lot of the rain before it reached the hammock itself. I tried alternatives, including replacing the tape with rope in case the tape itself was to blame. Was ineffective. So, not sure what a solution might be. Possibly come up with some funky little baffle to stop the rain getting too far? Anyway, thought I'd best make you aware. Only other thing was the large tarp had the little loop tabs on the outside in stead of the inside. Assumed they were to attach the net to? Anyway, wasn't a problem. Oh, and another thought: would make the tarp more versatile if you had a middle loop (externally) so that you could hang the tarp underneath a tensioned line. (Apr2007)
Tom Sloane (USA) - You have an interesting and relevant site. Link to Seaside Hammocks - Love life, live balanced. Seaside Hammocks.
Michael Corrigan (USA) -  plan to use the hammock extensively in Colorado on an elk hunt this September.  I will take several photos of it in use with my digital camera.  I suspect it will perform adequately in a hard rain.  The fly seems to provide adequate coverage especially when you pull it (down) close to the mosquito netting.  I will let you know when I encounter such conditions.  I do have a question related to rain however.  Some hammocks come with a tassel(s) or metal ring(s) to intercept water that travels down the guide lines.  What do you recommend doing to prevent water from entering the hammock via the guide lines?  I checked around on your web site but I did not find information related to this. -- Mike, we suggest to tie a knot on the line, and the water will drip from there. (mar2007)

Bill Reilly (USA) - Hi Tom, Just sent payment by Paypal for $150.00 to purchase 1 Expedition Hammock and 1 3X4 Rain Fly. Getting ready for the 2007 camping season in California. I am now supplying Mosquito Hammocks for my friends when we go camping (I have 3 now) plus several other types. The Mosquito Hammock is the best design I have ever found. Needed to get another hammock and felt it was time to upgrade to your new Expedition hammock, especially since I suggested the darker netting and the rectangle rain fly several years ago. Hope all is going great with you. (Feb2007)

Rick Ashworth (USA) - I made the picture in February. It was 12.8 degrees Fahrenheit very cold, my first hammock camp out in the snow. The Tom Claytor jungle hammock passed the winter snow camping test, the more I use my jungle hammock, the more I love it. It is the very best hammock on the market. I highly recommend this hammock to any one that hikes, kayaks, cycles or any other outdoor adventure. Thanks again tom.
Jim Ward (Nicaragua) - Hey Guys, Just wanted to say thanks for the quick response time. I ment to let you know before I left that I had received the hammock in time, but in the rush I forgot to email.... It worked great! In fact I think I may have caused a slightly envious mood within the group. I managed to stay virtually unbitten amid the misquito infested jungle of Nicaragua. It was wonderful! Of all the worries I had in this remote, and I mean remote area, my sleeping accomodation was not one of them! Great product, great service! Again, Thanks for helping support our mission, and may God bless you. Jim (Jan2007)
Steve Whisenand - Hello Tom, I bought a  hammock from you in September with plans to hike the AT. Now my plans have changed, and I will be hiking the PCT in California, OR, etc. I plan to take my Expedition Hammock, but I think I will need to have longer straps to tie it up to those big Western trees. I looked around a little bit on line, but could not find a match to the soft webbing you use. Would it be possible for you to send me some? I will be happy to pay via your website, or by whatever method you prefer. I think 16 feet per side should be about right, 4 feet more than the stock. Or maybe you can point me in  the right direction if otherwise? It is too cold to hammock comfortably now, but I spent a few nights a week hanging since I got mine. It is very comfortable. I am 6'1", so about a foot or two longer hammock body would be easier for me to hang in, I think. It has to be hanging 'just right' for me to lay as flat as I like. But it is very easy to set up just right, and I use a ridgeline to get just the right sag every time. It takes about 1.5 minutes to be hanging in good conditions. I love  my mosquito hammock! (dec2006)
Miguel - My wife who is 5'2" originally bought the Expedition model but after trying my JH she returned it and ordered a JH. We both like the extra space in the JH. At 5'2" she'll have enough room to store everything she brings right at the foot of the hammock with room to spare. We found both hammocks to be very comfortable but the extra space was the deciding factor. (I'm a bit claustrophobic too) Keep in mind we're not doing extended trail hikes where weight is very critical. We mainly do overnighters and weekenders. Space and comfort least for now.
Rick Ashworth (USA) - Hi Tom, Rick here in Tennessee, just thought you might be interested in hammock forums, I have been promoting and endorsing your great hammocks here, me and hank have really enjoy our jungle hammocks, keep on making them, awesome best hammock on the market, I am considered by many as a hammock camping guru, I am known as neo on the trail and forums Rick Ashworth aka neo -- -- I keep looking at one of the jungle models. I look at the weight and think, "That's a little to heavy." (3 lbs with hammock and stock fly) and then I see the way that it sets up on the ground and I have second thoughts about the weight. It's always nice to find a piece of gear that can fulfill more than one purpose and we all know the Achilles heal of hammock camping is being somewhere where you can't hang your hammock. Then you must go to the ground and I think that the TC hammock does that better than any other hammock out there. I know that you can use a HH as a tent, and although I have never tried using my HH as a tent, it would seem that the innovative womb-like entry of a HH would become very awkward when trying to use it on the ground. The TC hammock also has the double layer thing going on and eliminating the struggle with keeping a pad situated inside the hammock also makes me a little less worried about the weight.
David Vandermeir (USA) - I recently bought a hammock from you and wanted to let you know that overall it is a very well made piece of equipment. I have used it several times in the swamps of Florida already, and it provided a comfy night's rest! There is one thing that I would recommend to you however, if you widen the upper corners of the mesh so it resembles a "V" when looked at from the end of the hammock it would keep the mesh further away from the body, providing a more spacious feel, and keep the Skeeters away a bit! I put a stick in the corners of the mesh to spread it out, but it would have been nice to have about 8 more inches of spread to it. Again, overall it is great, and I have recommended to friends that if they want a "jungle hammock" they should buy one of yours. I will put it to good use on my many hunting trips in Green Swamp, and look forward to many good nights of sleep. (oct2006)
Holly Davies (USA) - I want to tell you that I appreciate very much that you helped me with the selection of one of your Mosquito Hammocks for my son. I also am grateful to you for seeing that it arrived here so quickly - in plenty of time for David to admire it, and then pack it for his 27 month sojourn with the Peace Corps in Mozambique. You did a great job!

Captain Tom Oakley (UK) - 1st Battalion Irish Guards. The hammocks have arrived. Many Thanks. There have been many envious looks at the hammock so I would expect another rash of orders soon but hopefully without the delays that we gave you. Again Many Thanks. (sep2006)

Michael Supple (USA) - We received the hammocks the other day. I'm 100% satisfied with my Jungle Hammock but my wife decided that she would like to replace her Expedition model with the Jungle Hammock and tarp. Neither of us are long distance hikers so a few ounces here and there is not worth giving up the extra space in the larger hammock. If you'll tell me the exact difference we owe for the exchange, I'll include it with the hammock when I ship it. I love the exterior loops which hold up the netting. I cut a wooden dowel as a spreader bar and it really opens it up. The zippers work like silk and I really like the double layered bottom for inserting a pad. I did much research before deciding on your hammocks and frankly I'm not at all sure why the Henessy hammocks are so popular. I think your design has them beat in every way. I look forward to hearing from you. (sep2006)
Emer Watson (UK) - Thank you very much for the hammock it arrived very quickly. Thank you so much it looks great. Can't wait to use it in Central America, not just the back garden. (sep2006)
Rick Ashworth (USA) - Hi Tom. I want to mail you the 50.00 dollars back that you refunded me a few months back. I decided to give one of the jungle hammocks to my oldest son hank. He loves his hammock. I decided to keep the other jungle hammock for my self, the more I use this hammock the more I love it. I no longer use my Hennessey hammock, I am always telling every body how great your hammocks are, we use our hammocks with tarps we bought from the sportsman's guide. . I highly recommend the Tom Claytor jungle over any hammock on the market here are a couple of our hammock camping pictures, thanks again. (aug2006)
Lawrence Kuper (Baltimore, Maryland) - Tom, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the hammock despite the fact I haven't even taken it to the field yet. First, I ordered in on Sunday and received it today (Tuesday). Granted, I live in Baltimore and you are in PA, but I don't think it could have gotten here any faster if you had hand delivered it. Second, I'm very impressed with the overall construction. High quality rip-stop, tight weave no see um netting, triple stitched at the stress points, double stitched everywhere else. Really nice reinforced attachment points on the rain fly as we well. Finally, the size and construction looks like it will definitely accommodate my 6'-5", 300# frame. I had planned to sew my own hammock in order to assure quality. You sent me the work I would have done myself and then some. By the way, I ran the numbers and I couldn't have bought the materials for what you charged. I don't know how you do it, but I'm going to tell all my friends before you wise up and start charging the $200-$300 price tag that this hammock could easily fetch. I can't wait to get this out into the field. I promise a full report after trying it out. (aug2006)
Eric Ballinger (Dominican Republic) - Hey Tom. I just wanted to let you know that the hammocks were great!  Not a single problem and were very comfortable and easy to set up. I thought you might like a picture from the Dominican Republic. Thanks again for all your help and your awesome hammocks! (aug2006)
Rob Bode (UK) - Hammock arrived safely. Tested last night on a lovely rainy night. Slept like a baby! Beautiful.

Laszlo Koren (Hungary) - Received your pack. I testing it last weekend. I AM PLEASED AS PUNCH. Work of art. Many thanx.

Barrie Kirkland (UK) - I have received the leech socks you sent me I am extremely please with them they are a good fit and have lots of leg room to tuck my trousers in. very very please with your product. I have to were leech on a number of Occasions. These are the best I have ever had. You cannot get a good pair in the U.K

Greg Giasson (Clinton, ME. USA) - I also wanted to make a suggestion for your website, you may want to add some uses for the anti-leech socks, here in the north east we are seeing more and more cases of Lyme's disease from tick bites. I think that these socks may be great for hiking in shorts to prevent ticks (and other biting insects) access to your legs. Furthermore, they are breathable and light so they won't prevent you from staying cool. In other parts of the US it could be useful for ticks carrying Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or against chiggers. I think that you might sell more of these in the states if you add this to the product details. As soon as I replenish my bank account, I will probably order a pair or two to give them a try. // I don't mind telling folks about your stuff at all, in fact, I think I will stop by the University outing club and see if a few friends  would like to try my hammock when it comes in. When you have a quality product, happy customers will be your best salesmen. I am not sure how your production works, but I would be interested to find a nice insulation layer to cover the bottom of the hammock for winter camping, perhaps have an exterior of breatex or something. I think you could make it the same shape as the hammock with loops at each corner to thread the 1/2" ropes through. Add a couple of elastic cords to the sides that can attach to the tarp along with the mosquito net and presto, an semi-insulated hammock. At least your back would be warm.  Perhaps even have a layer of nylon to cover over the mosquito netting. Probably not useful for you to make. Definitely not for the jungle. When I get some time this winter, I might try making one. I will let you know how it works. (Aug 2006)

Major James Orrell - I am currently serving in the Irish Guards (part of the British Army’s Household Division). We are taking part in a military exercise in Belize at the end of this year and have trialed four hammocks to use there: yours was the most effective. If you do bulk orders could you let me know the details, such as what size of purchase you would require and any discount available?  Thank you for your help. (jul2006)

Rob Garriock (Swowdonia Fire Protection) - Expedition Hammock arrived and was out being used that night - nice bit of kit - Thanks for all your help.
Jim Obermeyer - It's backpacking time again and I just dug-out the Mosquito Hammock I bought from you last year. I hung it up and it looked great. I jumped in for a test drive and it felt great. It's a great hammock for a 52 yr old fat man to lay in. The first time I used was in 2005. I began the hike being out of shape and hung over (my motto is "when your dumb you got to be tuff)". I managed 10 miles on a TN-NC section of the Appalachian Trail and was about to drop. I new I wasn't going to make it to the shelter so I put up the hammock, got in and crashed for the night. I remember waking up at 4am and saying to myself "this is really nice". I find the Mosquito Hammock to strong, comfortable and easy to use. I used it several times last year and the it still looks new. I'm 52 yrs old and weigh 215lbs and don't have any problems sleeping in this hammock. thanks Tom. (may2006)
Bob Hardy - The Jungle Hammock arrived this afternoon in the mail wow that was fast. Picked it up after work took it with me I had to do some work on a rental house I have. Opened the box after I got the work done took the hammock out tied the lines you provided on and hung it between a couple of palm trees put the rain fly up just to see what it looked like and got in and kicked back took maybe five minutes as I lay there watching the sun go down I was thinking this will be the perfect way camp on a motorcycle or a small boat I did not want to get out and drive home. I sat up put my shoes back on untied it stuffed the whole thing back in the sack no folding pulled the two screwdrivers I was using for stakes and was on my way in two minutes easy. I love it and this is the first time I ever used it. (may2006)
Rick Ashworth - I received my two expedition hammocks today, I already hung mine in the back yard, it hangs real easy, and very easy to get in, thanks tom has a few jungle hammocks which are worth looking at. I own one and reviewed it here. You might try contacting Tom Claytor, he's a right nice fellow. His hammocks are intelligently designed, versatile, and tough. They are also reasonably priced. I like them, I like the design. I like the flap for the insulating pad and the two-way zippers. The model I own is lengthy to accommodate oversize big guys like myself. It looks and functions like a jungle hammock should.
Jake Lunniss - EXPEDITION HAMMOCKS and RAIN SHEETS arrived a while ago now, I can't remember exactly when, but it only took 6 days to get here. Sorry for my late reply, I haven't been home to check my email since I got them! I'll take this chance, if I may, to congratulate you on a fantastic product. I've used a Hennessey before now, and it was nothing on this. The hammock is a touch on the bulky side, but my rucksack is more than huge enough to manage it. I was astounded by the comfort, and the pocket on the inside is more useful than I thought it would be! But maybe one tiny, insignificant criticism.... It might have been better to have some sort of retaining ability on the sleeve for the sleeping mat, i.e. some velcro? This is a minor thing, and it dosn't bother me in the slightest, it was my trekking buddy's suggestion. Have you tried something like that? If I were to give this a score out of ten, it would be 9.5. A very slight penalty for the bulk, but it really is a very small price to pay for such a great hammock. Thanks very much for great service, and a great product! (Feb 2006)
EXPEDITION HAMMOCK REVIEW (posted by Bear on Ed Speers site): Hangers - I wanted to report on what was probably the best night I've ever had in what passes for an extreme temperature range, here in Florida. It was all due to having two nearly perfect pieces of gear. I went overnight at Myakka River State Park. Daytime temperatures were around 75 F (24 C). Nighttime temperatures went down to 50 F (10 C). The gear that kept me comfy day and night was the Mosquito Hammock Expedition model, and the Speer Pea Pod. My only other thermal gear was two 20 x 36 inch pieces of 3/8-inch closed-cell foam pad. The hammock is a new model. It's my idea of the perfect manufactured hammock. Tom Claytor has listened to his customers and improved his original design considerably. The Expedition weighs just 17 ounces in the stuff sack, but gives you a two-layer body with a built-in mosquito net and a full-length, zippered side entry. Here's how it went... When I first got to my site at around two Saturday afternoon, I pitched the hammock with the net side up and just lazed around enjoying the afternoon. Around five it got chilly enough that I put in the closed-cell foam. Later, I laid the Pea Pod out in the hammock, but kept it velcroed shut, and started fixing dinner. After dinner I finished my coffee in the fading light, sitting in the hammock. With the zipper fully opened the netting is under only light bungee-cord tension, so using the hammock as a chair is quite comfy. From around six-thirty to midnight I was warm enough with the foam beneath me and the Pea Pod on top of me. The Pea Pod was so long that I could tuck it under most of my calves and feet. At midnight I woke up to visit the trees, and noticed the cold at my back. Before I went back to bed I untied the bug net, zipped up the hammock and flipped it over with the pads in place. I opened up the Pea Pod and put it around the outside of the hammock. After I climbed back in, it took maybe ten minutes to warm back up. From midnight to six in the morning I slept in perfect comfort. While I woke at six, I didn't actually get up until nine. During the day I reversed the process... The Pea Pod came off, the pads came out, and finally the hammock got flipped net-side up and I put up the mosquito netting. It seems like it's taken me almost three years of painful experimentation to get my gear and temperature list right, but it all came together last weekend. This list has a strong element of hammock R&D and do-it-yourself-ism. I salute that, but I'm more of a gear consumer than developer. So I'm really pleased to be have ready-made gear that works so well for me. Thanks for letting me crow. -Bear
JUNGLE HAMMOCK REVIEW I would like to review the $130 Jungle hammock & Fly at  I  own one and have made the following notes. I would like to submit this to my hammock friends at the equipment forum at ... But I wanted to first show you what I've I written and borrowed from your site. Do you have any corrections, or additional info ? Do you mind this review? I believe it to be favorable. I think everyone will like your hammock. - Randy MacKenzie (verlager)
INTRODUCTION: I am an avid hammocker, and have owned a Hennessey hammock, a Clark Jungle Hammock, and a Speer Hammock. I am good with ropes, knots, and rigging and I sleep out whenever possible, even in winter. I am an ex-Marine, 56 years old, male, 6'0" and weigh 290 lbs. I ordered this hammock and review it here.
OVERVIEW: Jungle Hammock & Fly - Camouflage Green with camouflage stuff sack. (Extra Long Size - 3 meters long) (1.5kg) (Free shipping) Price, $120 (more than one: $110 USD) A quality, serviceable hammock in nylon camo, well made, no frills, probably recent military in design and origin. An reinforced oversized camo rain fly, cut with the ridge line seam on the diagonal, ensures a dry interior.  Easy to setup, easy to pack up.
SETUP: The hammock includes two 12' long 1/2" nylon web straps which each pass through a heavily reinforced channel at the ends. These straps are removable and can be replaced by a longer rope if desired. The web site suggests this basic method of securing the hammock:
RAINFLY: The Diamond-shaped rain fly provides the maximum rain shelter with the minimum amount of material. Made of camouflage nylon tafta (210T) with only 4 reinforced attach points. Extends 50 cm. beyond each end of the hammock. Durable and large, this oversize rain fly will easily keep the rain out. Dimensions: 400cm long x 300cm wide & 250cm along each side (13' long x 10' wide). Weight: 1.5kg. (3.0  lbs.)
BUG-NETTING: The black, fine-mesh mosquito netting is permanently stitched to one side of the hammock bed. The other other side has two double zippers for closing this bug-netting. Since both ends are identical, the zippered entrance side can be switched by simply reversing the ends of the hammock. This one-side-only zipper design saves weight and bulk, and reduces complexity, both in manufacture and storage. It's unlikely that the nylon will snag on a zipper when compressed into a stuff sack or backpack. This hammock uses no Velcro, which can get dirty.
RIDGE LINE: The internal ridge line helps to maintain the bug net profile. It keeps the bug net away from the occupant's skin, and thus prevents bug bites.
INSIDE: It's not cramped inside, but the design is minimalist and sensible. A simple, well-made hammock, a survival tool. The extra length makes it possible to lie nearly flat by lying diagonally with feet pointed left and shoulders right. There is no cup holder, no grab-loops at the ends, no pockets, no usable ridge line. As with many other hammocks, it's more comfortable than sleeping on the ground because the nylon bed gently, yet firmly, supports the body equally over a wide area.
TIPS AND SUGGESTIONS: Spend a few nights in it and decide how best to pitch it. Same with the tarp.
VALUE: I find this hammock to be a satisfactory value for the money ($120 USD as of 9/1/2005) It's a better design than the Speer or the Clark Jungle Hammock, with quality construction, no frills, and no weaknesses. Serious hammockers will greatly appreciate this hammock. says, "This hammock is used by the Foreign Legion in French Guiana, the Italian Marines and the British Special Forces. This is our best hammock and should last 5 years of hard use." Everything I can see about this design confirms that this is probably true. BTW, the website and company is owned by Tom Claytor, a bush pilot of some renown. Check him out at -
Randolph MacKenzie"
David Chinell - Here's a long rambling letter describing my first experience with the JUNGLE HAMMOCK. Summary: Great design and product -- I couldn't be more pleased with the utility and value. The only things I'd consider changing on mine are the cords (not covert enough to suit me) and the termination on the netting elastic. Here goes... I couldn't resist trying out my new Jungle model hammock any longer, so I camped out in my own back yard last night. This was the first time I'd opened one of the packages, and was I ever pleased! It was almost like receiving a custom-made hammock of my own design. Either you've been reading my internet posts, or we really think alike when it comes to hammocks. I see now why you were so intent on sending me the rain fly as well. The Jungle model is a *complete shelter system* not just a hammock. (I hope you're pointing this out on your website.) Evidently you and I rig a hammock and tarp very similarly. Even without instructions I had no trouble putting it up. As I opened the rigging pouch and started unfurling the cord, I almost laughed aloud, since I could tell the purpose of each cord by its length. Here's how I put up the shelter. I start with the hammock itself, but I tie a separate strap to the tree, then tie the hammock ropes to that strap. I use two ten-foot lengths of 1-inch polyester strapping. Each one is formed into a loop by tying the ends together with a water knot. I just throw the loop around the tree, pass one end through the other, and slip it tight. (It ends up being a lark's head knot around the tree, with a foot or so of the loop sticking out.) I tie the hammock lines through the loop using a slipped sheet bend -- also called a "hammock knot." The strapping is gentler to the tree bark, and it gets dirty and sappy, rather than my hammock lines. The junction between the strap and the hammock line makes a great place to insert a drip ring or cord to prevent water from running down the hammock line. This time, I tied the netting cord to the tree as well, though in the past I've tied it to the tarp, using the tarp tie-out loop. On my Expedition model, I've removed the extra length of string from the netting elastic and tied a mitten-hook to the end of the elastic. I just pass the elastic through the tarp tie-out and hook it back onto itself. I'll probably do something similar with my Jungle models. Like you, I find the diagonal pitch is best for the tarp. It seems to conform well to the hammock shape. I start with the long cord to create a ridge line. At each end, I just loop it around the back of the tree and tie it to itself using a tautline hitch. This means I can to rig the lines up high in good weather, but slide them down the tree trunks for a low pitch if it starts to rain. Next, I use the short lines to attach the tree corners of the tarp. I tie the cord to the tarp tie-out using a bowline, leaving about a 1-inch loop of cord in the knot. Then the cord goes around the back of the tree, passes through that loop, under the tarp, and gets tied to the ridge line with a tautline hitch. I can still slide the whole thing down the trunk to change the height of the tarp. I can also tighten the tarp from underneath -- without getting wet in the rain. Next come the outside corners of the tarp. I use the longer cords for these. I attach the cord to the tarp tie-out with a tautline hitch. I walk the cord out, attach it to the peg with a lark's head, and slide the peg into the ground. Putting the tautline hitch at the tarp end means I can reach out from under the tarp to tension the sides, again keeping dry in the rain. The temperature was predicted to drop to 57 degrees F, so I slid a double-width of thin closed-cell foam padding between the layers. I have several 20-inch wide pads. They come in 72-inch lengths, but I cut them in half to make two pieces 20 x 36 inches. I also round off the corners. I put them in the hammock side-by-side or in a T shape, and they insulate my shoulders, torso, and butt perfectly. The beauty is that they still roll up nice and compact but provide as much width as I need to keep my shoulders warm. All done. It probably took less time to actually pitch the thing than it took to describe it in writing. I did goof up once, putting up the tarp wrong-way round at first. (Hey, it was dusk by the time I got home and started to set it up.) I seemed like not quite enough coverage, being just inches longer than the hammock itself, where I prefer about a foot of overlap. I use a perfectly square tarp, and thought yours was square as well. I discovered that yours is a diamond only when I went back into the house to measure the other hammock. It seemed like a square -- 8 feet on a side is exactly the size I use. But when you try to fold a diamond as a square you soon discover unexpected problems. My wife helped me figure it out before I lost my sanity, and then I realized I'd pitched the tarp incorrectly. Right-way-round it more than covers the hammock at foot and head. In fact, it's longer than I'd have made it. Why? When I had the hammock set up perfectly, the trees were actually almost too close together for the tarp. I have used your pattern to make square tarps -- a full bolt width down the middle with little triangular wings added to make up the rest of the width. It's a good solution as the seams are away from the hammock and don't need to be sealed. Here are the reasons I prefer a square tarp. First, all my cords can be the same length and there's no "wrong" way to put up the tarp. That also means I can distribute the wear and tear on the tarp by alternating which corners go to the trees. Second, I can put tie-outs in the middle of each side and pitch the tarp in an A-frame in really bad weather. For an 8-foot long hammock, an 8-foot square tarp is perfect. On the diagonal, I get 11 feet along the axis -- about 1-1/2 feet of overlap at each end. As an A-frame, it just barely fits, since the hammock is a little shorter than 8-feet long when hung. For a 9-foot long hammock, an 8-1/2 or 9-foot square tarp would work. To get a tarp that big, you could use the same design, or just put together two 4-1/4 x 8-1/2-foot panels. The seam would run across the ridgeline diagonally for a diamond pitch. I've talked to some tarp makers and they don't see that as a problem. In fact, they seem to think I'll get better performance because of the "bias" of the fabric. I passed a really comfy night. The hammock doesn't seem that much bigger from the inside, but I noticed less constriction around my feet. And to top off my enjoyment of the evening, I got a light rain for about two hours just before dawn. There's NOTHING better than swinging snug in your hammock while the rain rushes against your tarp. Tom, I'd like to make a report of my experiences to the various hammock and hiking lists I subscribe to, but I'd like to have a little more information about the materials. What is the body made of? What is the tarp made of? At first, I thought it was a coated nylon, but it's not really even an impermeable barrier. That is, I can hold it to my mouth and pull air through the fiber. Is the cord nylon? Are my measurements correct? Weight in bag: 3 lb 10 oz Bag size: 13 in long by 6 in diameter Hammock: 4 ft x 9 ft (actually 3 ft 10 in x 9 ft 2 in) Hammock lines: 1/2-in x 12 ft tubular nylon cord (really guessing here) Tarp: 10 x 13 ft diamond shape, 8 ft on each side Tarp tie-outs: 4, one at each corner That's all I have to report on for now. I'm going out into the forest this weekend, and will try to bring you back some pictures. All I have is a really cheap add-on lens for my Palm Pilot, but at least you'll be able to see what I'm talking about here. Thanks again for a great product.
David Chinell - Tom: The hammock arrived at the correct shipping address on Friday. Thanks for your concern and efforts. I was able to try it out by sleeping in my back yard on Saturday night. It seems like a good thing, well-made, with all the features one might expect. I do have two suggestions for improvement, though, both having to do with the bug netting. First, the netting material seemed more fragile and subject to snags than the netting I'm used to seeing. (I'm comparing it to netting available from outdoor fabric suppliers or as found on other manufactured hammocks.) You might consider a more rugged material. Second, the netting would be easier to see through if it was a dark color, such as black, or even forest green. I don't know if you're interested in changing the product, or if you're just distributing a found item in North America. But I think serious hammock campers will expect a little more from the netting. I had read comments about the inner layer being a nuisance when it wasn't being used to hold a pad, but that was not my experience. I'm used to double-layer hammocks, and this one seemed completely normal in performance. I compare it to the "tropical hammock," such as those manufactured by Nomad Travel. [search for Tropical Hammock]. If your manufacturer is leaving any slack in the inner layer, he needn't. Both layers can be identical in dimension and material, and the hammock will work just fine whether a pad is inserted or not. Finally, if you haven't discovered this yourself, the hammock can be used without the bug net simply by flipping it over so the netting is on the bottom. I also tried it with the netting on top (with the tensioning lines untied) but I felt the netting material was too fragile to use this way. Don't be the least discouraged by these comments. It's a great product, and already one of my favorite hammocks, combining as it does the convenience of a side entry and the completeness of attached mosquito netting. - Bear (June 2004). Reply: Bear - I like the idea for darker mosquito netting. I will see what I can do. As for thickness, I have found think mosquito nets have bigger holes and let in the small no-see-ums. This net may appear more fragile, but I prefer it to keep everything out. However, I am always on the lookout for a more breathable and durable net. I have used mine for a year straight, and so far no holes in the netting. Thanks for your good comments. - TOM
Bill Reilly - Hi Tom---Have only used the mosquito hammock once since it arrived in March 2004---Worked great.  Now that summer is arriving, will be doing a lot more camping and will give you a report in several months. I have been doing a lot of reading on the internet about cold weather camping in a hammock.  The main issue is trying to keep the bottom of the hammock warm.  Some manufactures make a quilt that fits under the hammock for insulation.  Has anyone tried taking the mosquito hammock and turning it upside down so the netting is hanging down (don't need bug netting in fall/winter) and therefore the sleeve is outside the hammock,  Then stuff the sleeve with a quit, sleeping bag, clothes, etc. to give insulation under the hammock.  By being outside the hammock, you are not lying directly on the insulation and compressing it.  The only adjustment I think that would (or should) be made is to attach a piece of Velcro to the edge of the sleeve to keep things from falling out and to trap air in the sleeve.  Since you a lot more experience with the mosquito hammock, what are your thoughts? Bill.  Reply: Bill - I like this and will put it on our comments page. I have turned the hammock over and it works fine. For cold weather, I put a closed cell foam pad INSIDE the hammock under my sleeping bag. It helps hold the hammock open and insulates the bag from the cold - just like you were camping on the ground. Thanks for your comments and suggestions - TOM -
John Silva - Hello Tom. I have read your ENTIRE website about the Mosquito Hammocks and feel very confident about the product. I do have some questions: 1. How long will it take for the hammocks (I'm planning to order 2) to arrive in Seattle, Washington? (I'm planning to go camping July9-13 and would like to use them at this time). 2. Why is the Mosquito Hammock cheaper than the Henneysey Hammocks or other hammocks of the same sort? 3. How long have you been making these hammocks? and are you making ones that are much bigger? If so, what are the dimensions? 4. How see thru is the mesh? I'd like to view the stars on a clear night.
Sally Greene - I finally had a chance to use my hammock I received for Christmas from Fran Marsh (I believe you two e-mailed quite a bit) I was an adult volunteer at a Girl Scout camp this weekend and all of the girl's were fascinated with the hammock. Hopefully, future buyers! Anyway, I will post to the comment section about how great I thought the hammock was. Unfortunately, I had a problem at camp. One of the girls decided to be destructive and burned through one of the end green nylon ropes. I know I can use any rope, but as it is new I have only used it once, I was wondering what your policy is on replacement parts. Let me know about any shipping and/or replacement cost involved. // Reply: No problem. If you can send us US$15 by paypal, we will send you two new straps and postage. Thank you.
Dr. Mark Hébert - Mosquito hammock looks great, but what is its weight limit? I weigh 260 (ugh). Reply: I have had two 80 kg people in one. That is 166lbs x 2 = about 332 pounds, but it was only for about 5 minutes. I know the chords and stitching are strong enough, and I think the fabric will be strong enough. I really think it is worth a try, and then you can write us and tell us if it really is comfortable and safe to hold that much weight. I think it will be fine. Director -- Lilly Project for the Theological Exploration of Vocation. Associate Professor of Philosophy, Austin College -- Suite 61551, 900 North Grand Ave., Sherman, TX 75090-4400 (jun2003)
Brian Damphousse - I just received the mosquito hammock. Thank you for the prompt shipment. I have one question. On the zipper side of the hammock the inner liner is not sewn into the body of the hammock. The other 3 sides are. I was wondering if there is a reason for this open side. Thanks. Reply: Hi Brian - Thank you for your question. That side is not sewn so that you can slip a foam pad into the hammock. Some people feel this makes a more comfortable sleep and also spreads the hammock out a bit for getting into. Of course, carrying around a foam pad adds bulk and weight and may not be practical for some expeditions. Thank you, TOM - (jun2003)
Ben Harkanson - Biologist and Film-maker. I recently spent two weeks in the Peruvian rainforest; your mosquito hammock served as my sole shelter during this time. Instead of carrying a tent and sleeping bag which would have taken up a lot more space and added a lot more weight, I carried only the mosquito hammock which took up only as much space as a lightweight rain jacket. The design is simple and extremely efficient. My first experience with a mosquito hammock was with a different design in which entry was through a zippered bottom. I like the side zipper design of yours much better, entry is easier and access to the outside world while lounging around is much easier. The cords which hold up the netting - and also, when connected, serve as an effective support for a rain cover, (I used a cheap sheet of blue plastic) - are a good example of the simple and efficient design. If I could recommend one possible improvement, it would be to add a false bottom which would hang slightly below the hammock, preventing mosquito bites from below. (Unbelievably, I encountered only 4 mosquitoes on this trip, and let them feed since they obviously needed the help!). The addition of a false bottom could be accomplished using available material (i.e., no need to add additional material and weight) - the extra lining on the inside could be slightly enlarged and moved to the outside. All in all, an excellent design. Everyone was very impressed with it and with the way it served as the cornerstone of my minimalist packing philosophy. Thanks for a fine product. 
John Bierlein - We are planning to purchase one of your mosquito hammocks to incorporate in a research camp that will become one of the educational components associated with a new jaguar exhibit we are building at Woodland Park Zoo. We are helping to support four conservation research projects in South America and one of the researchers suggested that your hammock would be a good and plausible choice. We will also have a research tent in the exhibit and would enjoy the opportunity to display the image on your Web site that shows two hammocks attached under the wings of a plane. Could you possibly provide this image or a similar one in color for use in our exhibit? Digital or any other format is fine for our purposes. We would be happy to provide you or your photographer with the photo credit. I am also interested in knowing how quickly you can fill a hammock order from the time you receive a check in the mail, assuming U.S. surface mail. Thank you for considering my requests. Sincerely, John Bierlein,  Manager of Planning and Interpretive Exhibits, Woodland Park Zoo,, 601 N. 59th St., Seattle, WA 98103, PH 206-684-4824, FAX 206-684-4854 - Woodland Park Zoo is a conservation and education institution demonstrating the value, beauty and interdependence of all living things.
Bren Wilson - Ok, I'm not gonna ask for more details about the 2 people in the hammock thing :) I ask for stranger reasons anyway... I am a search and rescue volunteer in Austin, and Have trained my K9 for search and rescue as well. I was trying to figure out if my dog would possibly fit in as well if I situate things right :) I found in my last camp-out with a friend, who just bought one, that you can put a mattress in it to flatten out the base a little and make a little more room. Another comment he had was the need to get the netting outta his face a little more. I am planning on modifying mine a little with line anchors coming fromthe left and right of side of the netting so I can pull it out a little somehow. Another interesting mod might be to add "pockets" on the right and left side of the hammock portion to allow you to slip in a thin (short) tent pole or PVC to create a "loop" over you...Not sure how it'd work...If I am successful, ill send ya pics! I'll let ya know what I think after use. Thanks, Bren
Frances Marsh - My grandson, Mike has been very busy with school (Michigan State) working his way to graduate school starting in January. The hammock will come into use in northern Wisconsin this summer. He volunteers a few weeks with scout camp. (He is an eagle scout with order of the arrow and vigil.) Deer ticks and mosquitoes are especially bad up there.  My granddaughter is an Explorer and she too will be out this summer. My best, Fran.
Harvey Ahina - I live in Hawaii and was looking for a good jungle hammock to take on my next 4 day bowhunting trip up in the rain forests of the island of Kauai. I came across your mosquito hammock website which looks like good hammock to take. I had a question. Since I'll be hunting in an area that rains every day especially in the mornings, I will need a rain fly or trap to go over your hammock. I saw that you sell a custom rain cover and wanted to know how does it set up over your hammocks? Does this rain cover come with ropes or other supplies to set it up over the hammock? What is the weight of this custom rain cover and with whatever it uses to set it up? Do you have a picture of how you set up your custom rain cover over your hammock? Well thanks for taking the time to answering my question.
Ben & Brian Henderson - I stumbled across your site when looking up something on Mark and Delia Owens when they were in Zambia. Once I hit your site I was hooked by your stories. I am an ultralight pilot, flying trikes, mostly in South Africa, where I live, and have my own gyroplane (Magni M16). I'm working in Europe long enough to accumulate sufficient cash to buy another gyro so that two of us can head off on expeditions around Africa (I grew up in Zambia and Zimbabwe.) We need the second gyro because of the limited carrying capacity of each unit. (Max all up 500kgs. Not a lot). So, one day, insh'allah, we'll be able to emulate you - at least in Africa. Hammocks arrived last week when I was in Scotland. Everything looks in perfect order. Haven't had a chance to try them out yet (it's winter here now!), and I'm off to Slovenia today, returning Sunday. Just placed the order for our second gyro yesterday. Should get it early in the Spring, so each day is taking us a little closer.
Gretchen Borst - (Before Order) I am wondering if these hammocks are child-friendly. I have a ten year old and a five and a half I'd want to them to use a mosquito-proof hammock this coming summer. We have the West Nile virus here in Michigan so I would feel more comfortable if they are enclosed but it would have to be something they can get in and out of by themselves. What do you think? (After Order) The second hammock arrived yesterday:) The first hammock arrived last week Wednesday so I was just going to e-mail you and it arrived! We set the first one up on Sunday and it is lovely. Not only is it big enough to sit an adult and a child comfortably, but my six-year-old can easily manipulate the zipper to get in and out. The ties for the mosquito netting were long enough to comfortably tie around a medium-sized tree so the netting didn't sit on skin while reading, lounging, or sleeping. The ties are very strudy and lenghty so they attached without any problem. With the threat of West Nile, I now feel I don't have to cower in the house instead of enjoying the sun, breeze, and sounds of nature. I love the hammocks and am now attempting to make a list of others I would like to give this wonderfully comfortable, reasonably priced, and pragmatic gift to. Thanks so much, Tom.
Susan Lynch - Bethesda, MD, USA. Thanks for your note. I'm really looking forward to the hammock, but assuming they're both of the same quality, I'd prefer the dark green. Sep 2002.
Buck Leonardo - Manteca, CA. USA. Hi my name is Buck Leonardo and I just sent you 58 dollars for a green mosquito hammock. I want to get it sent US air mail. One more thing, I'm going hunting next Saturday, do you think I will have it by then? Thanks 
Bob Toner - Levittown, PA, USA. After years of sleeping on the ground, I'm looking forward to trying out this new approach. I was stationed in Bangkok for 18 months in 1969 - 1970 and I imagine it must have changed a lot, still I have many fond memories. Sure you can use me as a reference. You might also be interested in this site that I found about camping in hammocks Thanks
Ian Cummings - Woodstock, CT. USA. What are you doing in Cambodia? Interesting posting! One of my hobbies is amateur radio and I talk to Cambodia from time to time. I also have a small business in folding solar panels and solar power stuff. Might be useful in a place like that if you're far from civilization. I fly a C172R out of Windham CT (KIJD). Just got back in the left seat after 20 years of life getting in the way of flying. I'm also an FAA Aviation medical examiner (physician). If you ever need your class I or II, I can fix you right up. Thanks for hammock work :-) Regards Ian
Tim Bjella - Wayzata, MN. USA. I received the hammock and it looks great. I haven't had time to test it yet, but I suspect it will work fine for my purposes. I think the cost is quite reasonable and I appreciate your efforts to send it to me. Thanks. Best Regards, Tim R. Bjella, President, Arteriors Architecture
Ben Jahnes - Student at Cornell. I am leaving soon for the Peruvian Amazon jungle, and will need as much mosquito protection as I can get. Benjamin Carl Jahnes, 3970 Pert Hill Road, Hopewell, OH, 43746. Email: Planning to enter the Peace Corps upon graduation from Cornell in 2003. Biology major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and a participant in the program at Punta Cana last summer. Cornell University Field Station on the Yarapa River in Peru, where undergraduate Cornell students venture each summer to study the medicinal value of plants and the behavior of birds and animals. "Anything biologically active has the potential to be used as medicine," said Ben Jahnes '03 
Steve Cobb - Texas, USA. I finally had the chance to evaluate the hammocks. The hammock is hanging in my bedroom and I am typing this email while inside it -- ha. They are wonderful. Finally, I great product at a great price. And to think that I received the first two off the production line. If you would like, I will put the word out with Cessna Pilot's Assoc., AOPA internet group, Intl. 180/185 club and many other small groups I belong to. I would be more than happy to take orders for you while on this Alaska trip. You can be assured that many people will also see your hammocks hanging from my wings during fly-ins. I do however recommend the following. Sew the internal layer of fabric to the outer layer. As you slide in and out of the hammock, the internal layer gets rolled up and eventually will star ripping. You may wish to consider an optional "raincover" like that found on expedition tents - GORTEX maybe, instead of the tarp that you provide. Actually, two pieces of a ripstop GORTEX material, one for above, and one for a ground cloth (for those that wish to place it on the ground) -- let me think about this for a while first. Dad has a bad back from being shot down over Vietnam, so he will be using your hammock on the ground with an air mattress. I will be using mine under the wing as you and I have discussed. Being as tall and big as I am though, I really wish that I had about 4 more inches in the girth and 5 more in the length (my feet push against the mosquitos netting, and I fear that I may take some bites when the material is stretched). It may be worth your while to have them make a few Extra Large Hammocks. Seems that is the way people like Cabelas and others are going with h their sleeping bags, etc. You may want to contact Cabelas about selling your product. I would be more than happy to write letters (testimonials) about this product on your behalf. I know a guy (taxidermist) that provides most of the animals mounts for Cabelas. He can get you in "the door" with them. You may have noticed the frequent mention of that guy by the name of King, winner of numerous Iditarod races, endorsing some of the product line in the Cabelas catalog. They could very well do the same with YOU and your travels. You know, a picture of the hammock hanging from your plane in some Godforsaken country. If you have the chance to make one of the longer and wider units, let me know. I would only want one. I am sure that my other one will fit dad very well, as he is a small guy -- 6'2,"" 145 lbs, not near as manly as myself -- ha.
THANK YOU - Emiko M. Cruthirds sent us a check#1210 dated 05jan2005 ($105) -- Thank you Emiko for your email on 06nov2006 and for sending a replacement check on 20nov2006 for your hammock.


WARNING - Geoff & Tina Burgess ordered two Expedition Hammocks to be shipped to their yacht address YACHT IN TRANSIT, S/Y S'Ours, G G Burgess, The Mailbox, Palapa Centre, Building 30, Unit A, Airport Blvd, St Maarten NA, Dutch West Indies (apr2006). We shipped them by registered airmail, so they could save money, and then they cancelled their paypal payment when the hammocks did not arrive at their yacht. Their address was to a holding office in the name of their yacht. We feel that the hammocks were held in customs and that the slip of paper did not arrive to them. The hammocks were returned after 5 months, but we lost the shipping cost, so unfortunately, we cannot ship to people like this anymore unless by DHL. It is too risky.
WARNING - Stephen Gage, 31 Dougals Road, Lenton sands, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG71NW, United Kingdom ordered 2 NoNet Hammocks from us on 10 Jan 2009. We shipped the hammocks to him on 12 Jan 2009. He cancelled his payment to us. We emailed him three times and asked him if he had received the hammocks and why he had cancelled his payment. If anyone is in touch with Stephen Gages, we would please like to contact him and ask him to resubmit his payment.
WARNING - Nicolas Botelho, Los Angeles, CA, USA ordered 2 Jungle Hammocks from us ion 22 August 2011. We shipped them with traceable USPS mail to the paypal address on his payment form. He then cancelled payment and did not return the hammocks. He claimed that he moved address, and he took no further action to assist with the return or recovery of the hammocks. We would caution anyone who has any dealings with this person. These are his listed addresses. 1412 Butler Ave Apt. 26, and 11734 wilshire blvd apt c205, Los Angeles, CA 90025. He has not responded to any emails.
WARNING - Bill Caldwell, Thomasville, GA, USA ordered a Jungle Hammock on 19 Apr 2015, then tried to claim back us$30 from his credit card. He never explained why, and he would never answer any emails. We asked him to send back the hammock if he was not happy with it for a refund. We suggest strongly to exercise caution if working this this character who appears to be very underhanded. We will not do business with him again.