BIG RAIN FLY (3x4m.)
This rain fly is extra big designed for extreme rainy conditions when you want to keep your hammock and part of your camp dry. It is Olive Green 100% waterproof Ripstop fabric with attach points on the corners, sides and underside (for fastening the mosquito netting). It attaches to the tree above the hammock with separate lines and can keep the hammock dry in heavy rain. The dimensions of the rain fly are 400cm long x 300cm wide. The rain fly comes with nylon attaching lines and we suggest you use a Sheet Bend to attach the lines to the Rain FlyColor: Olive Green. Weight: 1.0kg. Advantages of the Rectangular Rain Fly.
Mosquito Hammock netting attach points beneath Rain Fly (click to enlarge).Waterproof - Made of 100% waterproof Ripstop Nylon, the rain fly is designed with attach loops on the underside of the peak for fastening the mosquito hammock netting elastic chords. This prevents rain from dripping down the chords and onto the netting. The rain fly extends well beyond each end of the hammock to provide sufficient cover for hard rain and for part of your camp. (However, I suggest that any rain fly or plastic sheet can be used as a rain cover. You do not need this custom designed rain fly). If you want more information on mosquitoes, please try or