NoNet Hammock takes the same dimensions and style of our very comfortable Jungle Hammock, but without the net. It has a double layer for insertion of a foam pad if desired, and the double layer also makes it smoother and more comfortable to move and slide around in the hammock. It iis a basic sturdy hammock that you can take with you and sling up anywhere. Design: This hammock has no mosquito netting. It is designed for light comfortable relaxing during the day or in areas where there are no mosquitoes. Easy to use, packs small and dries quickly. Should last 3 years with continuous use. Color: Dark Olive Green. Stuff Sack: Dark Olive Green. Dimensions: 300cm long x 125cm wide (10' long x 4' wide). Comfortable for a person up to 6' 7" and 300 pounds. Weight: .5kg. (1lb.) Read comments from our customers.
Included with the hammock are two 12 foot long (1/2" nylon web) straps. It is important to use the Correct Knots when hanging the hammock, so that you can untie them easily when you are finished. The ends of the hammock are reinforced for the strap to pass through, and these straps can easily be slid out and replaced by a longer rope if desired. This system allows the hammock to fold up neatly into a very small size. Dimensions of the hammock in the stuff sack are 3" x 4" x 11". The approximate weight of the hammock is less than 1 pounds or .5 kg. It's small and light enough to take with you, but sturdy enough to last a long time. For more information, read Allen Leigh's basic instructions for "Camping in a Hammock."