Olive Green Expedition Hammock with Dark Green Mosquito Netting.


The Expedition Hammock comes in two sizes -- Normal (2.5 meters long) and Long (3 meters long). The Expedition Hammock was designed by our customers. We took all of their comments and suggestions for the Mosquito Hammock and modified it to make the Expedition Hammock. This hammock is lightweight and compact made of Polyester Taffeta. It is breathable to keep you cool in hot climates, and it has a double layer bottom that you can slip an insulation pad into for cold climates. The mosquito netting is Dark Green which makes it very easy to see out of, and the fine mesh will keep out black flies, mosquitoes, and no-see-ums. The purpose of this hammock is to provide a good sleep in places where insects are a distraction or dangerous. In many countries of the world, with different types of resistant malaria, sleeping sickness and dengue fever, the best prevention is "not to get bitten." This hammock keeps the insects out. Read comments from our customers.
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Elastic cords and nylon loops keep the netting away from you.

Dark green netting makes it almost invisible and very easy to see through.

Double layer bottom allows the insertion of an insulation pad for cold climates.

Nylon webbing reinforces the ends with double stitching for the thick 12' Nylon cords.

Sturdy YKK zippers run the entire length of the hammock for easy entry and exit.

Dark Green Mosquito Netting is easy to see out of.

We use a double layer system on the bottom of the hammock with Nylon on the outside and Polyester on the inside. The Polyester feels softer against the skin, and the two layers slide across each other so you can move around and sleep comfortably. The double bottom layers also make it harder for the mosquitoes to bite through. The heavy duty YKK double zips open from the inside and the outside and run the entire length of the hammock. They make it very easy to get in and out of the hammock, and they will last a long time. We also added a mesh pocket and hanging loops on the inside of the hammock to store your wallet or hang your flashlight. If you have any questions, please email me --  TOM

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Plenty of head room. A small pillow makes sleeping comfortable.

Inside attach loops, mesh pocket and a long zipper for easy entry and exit.

Soft Polyester lining for comfortable sleeping.

Fluorescent Orange stuff sack is easy to find.

Using the correct knots will make it easy to remove your hammock.

Expedition Hammock blends in well with the nature.It is very important to use the CORRECT KNOTS when securing your hammock between two tree. The hammock comes with two 12 foot long (1/2" nylon web) straps. The ends of the hammock are reinforced with Nylon web and double-stitched so the strap to pass through, and these straps can easily be slid out and replaced by a longer rope if desired. This system allows the hammock to fold up neatly into a very small size. This hammock can also be used on the ground or on your bed as a personal "mosquito tent" if you don't like sleeping in hammocks. The lines can attach to a tree branch or a stick to hold up the netting away from your face and keep out snakes, scorpions, or mosquitoes. Dimensions of the hammock in the stuff sack are 4" x 4" x 12". The approximate weight of the hammock is less than 2 pounds or 1 kg. It's small and light enough to take with you, but sturdy enough to last a long time. Mosquito Hammocks are for traveling lightly, so we suggest that you consult OneBag -- as the art of traveling lightly is knowing what not to take. Here is another site on TIPS for Hammock Camping.

Mosquito Hammock underwingCheaper option available - We also have a cheaper Mosquito Hammock (our old version pictured above). It is our best value for money and is perfect for summer camps or church groups -- Visit Mosquito Hammock for Young Campers.

RAIN FLY (2.3x3m.)
I have a custom designed rain fly to go with the hammock. It attaches to the tree above the hammock with separate lines and can keep the hammock dry in heavy rain. The dimensions of the rain fly are 230cm wide x 300cm long (90" wide x 10' long). Advantages of the Rectangular Rain Fly. The rain fly comes with 6 nylon attaching lines. Color: Dark Olive Green.
Water can't drip down the Mosquito Netting lines.Weight: .5kg. (1lb.)  MORE PICTURES. I also have a larger 3m.x4m. Rain Fly to go with hammock in extremely wet or windy conditions. The added surface area provides additional coverage. Made of waterproof Nylon Tafta (210T) with Polyurethane coating. The Rain Fly is designed with attach loops on the underside of the peak for fastening the mosquito hammock netting elastic chords. This prevents rain from dripping down the chords and onto the netting. The rain fly extends approximately 15" beyond each end of the hammock to provide sufficient cover for hard rain. (However, I suggest that any rain fly or plastic sheet can be used as a rain cover. You do not need this custom designed rain fly). If you want more information on mosquitoes, please try www.mosquitosolutions.com or www.zapmosquitos.com/mosquito.